ALTRON has already been on the market for 25 years and ranks among the most prominent players in the field of unique interconnection of OT and IT worlds, solutions and data centres for customers worldwide.

Our World

  • Data Center Specialist with 25 years´experience
  • More than 340 international project
  • In-house certified consultants and engineers
  • High added value DC life-cycle services and solutions
  • Unique integration of OT and IT worlds
  • Industry specific software development

With our 25 years of experience in design and construction of data centers, we are the perfect partner to understand and execute your next IT construction project. Be it expansion, upgrade, retrofit or the construction of fixed data centers, or the development of an innovative containerized soulution or micro data center, our project managers and engineers bring years of international experience meeting project requirements with aggressive schedules in the most cost-effective way. Our ability to provide turnkey design-build project execution provides maximum value to our customers. With our product neutrality, customers also benefit from our ability to negotiate with every supplier on the market to achieve the most competitive services and prices. ALTRON value add is aligning DC Facility and IT world requirements in optimal solution supporting client business needs. Our in-house monitoring and management software designed to collect and manage data about a data center´s assets, resources and operation status throguhout the data center lifecycle.


We want to become leading provider in the field of end-to-end solutions of smart datacentres (OT) and business solutions (IT) in EMEA region. Our solutions help customers to grow their businesses. Flexibility, reliability and innovation of ICT solutions leads to creation of firm and sustainable partnerships with customers.


We help our customers adapt quickly to dynamically changing market conditions. Thanks to flexibility and our individualised approach, we support the productivity of their companies. At the same time, our solutions enable effective management and cost cutting connected with information and telecommunication technologies thanks to end-to-end solutions in the field of smart datacentres and business solutions with a clear focus on customer satisfaction.


The offering of the ALTRON Group is really unique as it includes services starting from software development to full-scale IT implementation and ICT operation in classic forms as well as through outsourcing. The advantage rests not only in the scope of services provided and one-source delivery, but especially in the ability to solve customer problems more systematically from more points of view and from our long-term perspective than in the case of a narrowly specialized supplier.

The unique symbiosis of technological and IT services along with the integration system is supported by our vast know-how, enabling us to offer really complex solutions. Thanks to control over all its components, we are also able to ensure high quality services and the ability to solve operational problems effectively. The success ALTRON Company’s strategy is evident from the permanent growth in the number of clients and the increase in company performance, making us a credible and financially stable partner. Thanks to this, we help our clients and partners promote their business and create additional unique added value.

The unique ALTRON market value is represented by the combination of longstanding experience, our unique research, development and innovative solutions, both from the world of datacentres (OT) and the field of information and communication technologies (IT). Thanks to it we help our customers and partners to support their business and create unique added value.