AIMON - ALTRON Infrastructure Monitoring

AIMON - ALTRON Infrastructure Monitoring

Real-time monitoring, alarming, trending and analysis of facilities infrastructure.

AIMON - ALTRON Infrastructure Monitoring

Key features


Altron has extensive experience in data centres, specializing in data centre facilities design, build and operation for more than 26 years, while operation matters the most and effective tool to predict, test what if scenarios and manage your resources has always been our dream come through scenario.

All in one

  • ALTRON SW Designer, SW Developer & Data Centre Operator with practical experiences from data center ecosystem result in tailored solution delivered in span.
  • Smart root-cause analysis along with effective operation team result in faster decision-making processes that improves SLA.
  • Open infrastructure with scalable & flexible tool supporting any future client’s requirements.

OPEX & CAPEX savings

  • optimizing energy consumption
  • reducing labor costs
  • reducing emergency maintenance
  • maximizing utilization of technologies in optimal way


In Data Center Operations is the cornerstone of any IT and by default in any organization it needs to enable the business to grow.

  • Colocation Operators – optimize PUE in your data center.
  • Government organizations – follow trend and control all operations. 
  • Banking and Finance – secure environment that minimize the risks.


What technologies can be monitored?

Environmental Parameters
Humidity in the environment
Flood detection

UPS source
Distribution cabinet
Motor generators

Internal cooling units
Central refrigeration source

Safety Systems
EZS, SHZ Systems
Independent safety sensors

AIMON is comprehensive monitoring covers all major protocols and devices as well as reporting. In addition, we have advanced monitoring and alarming capabilities including up-to-the-minute event management and the associated analytics required for proactively managing data center infrastructure.

Altron offers full range of services to assure the best delivery of software licenses including assessment, deployment, integration, training and operation or handover to client operators.


In Data Center Operations is the cornerstone of any IT and by default in any organization it needs to enable the business to grow.

  • Hardware Layer – sensors, auxiliary contacts, PLCs, distribution boards, communication cables to interconnect all Technologies & Systems.
  • Software Central Layer – licenses installed on Oracle database, Apache web server + some proprietary applications in virtualized server
  • User Interface, Integration, Analytics and Operation Modules