Critical Facility Management

Critical Facility Management

Failure isn’t an option when managing a critical facility.

Key features


Altron provide critical facility management services that are tailored to meet client specific needs. Our focus is managing the improvement of your facility's performance while reducing operating costs and risk through activities such as maintenance management, facilities coordination, and other value added services that can be bundled to CFM contract.

Reduce Cost of Operation

  • Analyze your needs, define equipment, system and regulatory requirements, document the tasks, deliverables and schedule, determine resource responsibilities, and prepare a financial analysis of the costs / benefits and budget.
  • Identify and limit risks that impact availability while balancing your budget against your business requirements.

Managing and Delivering Uptime

  • Using KPIs and software tools to ensure that all activities are executed, tracked and measured against the program plan.
  • Single responsibility minimizes risks and achieves maximum uptime for the full life cycle of your facility.

Continuous Improvement

  • Regular reviews with you to evaluate all aspects of the program, identify opportunities for improvement and determine if any additional services are required.
  • We will provide specific prioritized recommendations, each with a cost/benefit comparison and schedule to evaluate before any program adjustments are made.


Every critical facility is unique and so are your requirements and preferences for emergency response, site supervision, technicians, management and reporting. We have structured our programs to be flexible and have a number of basic service levels which will be tailored to suit your specific needs.

  • CFM Management
  • CFM Maintenance Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Remote Hands
  • Uptime Institute Operation Sustainability Certificate
  • Compliance Audits
  • O&M manuals

Given the variety of unique situations and requirements, we have provided this outline of how we can help you with your facilities management, planning and projects. We are available at any time to help you formulate and develop a customized solutions specific to your needs.

Solution Alternatives

  • Onsite - technicians present in DC in continuous operation
  • Offsite – technicians present in approved long-term maintenance and testing plans  

The CFM (ACFM) solution by ALTRON is a full set of services for optimum and reliable data centre operation – i.e. critical infrastructure­, technology facility with installed IT and telecommunication equipment - in 24/7 operation mode. Within provision of this service ALTRON assumes­ responsibility for meeting operation parameters set in SLA signed in advance.

The CFM service covers all activities associated­ with critical infrastructure operation as well as periodical elaboration of the ­ development activity plan and ideas aiming for­ improvement of operation efficiency. It is a follow up service to datacentre­ development and implementation. In terms of communication and data sources the CFM service if based on the JIRA application by ALTRON designed for ser­vice request management as well as on ALTRON Infra­structure Management (AIM) application for clear and uniform recording­ and management of datacentre capacity.

In addition to that ALTRON Monitoring service is available for immediate­ information on datacentre condition. The CFM service is provided up to the level of HW installation into technology racks where it seamlessly follows up IT services­ provided by ALTRON. The CMF portal is established as the basic interface for customers and provides fundamental data on operated infrastructures.

The CFM service follows up the Service Programs and the 24x7 network monitoring centre.

The CFM can be combined with other ALTRON services, such as AIM and other product services and solutions.