A data center is a specific space (building) that is specially designed for locating computer systems and related components. It serves to ensure the operation of applications and services provided via its ICT infrastructure. A data center, mainly its critical operations (technological) infrastructure, has to be reliable, efficient and scalable. It has to provide maximum availability and security for the systems and applications it runs.

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Life-cycle for caring for a data center

We offer comprehensive care - from design to implementation on to ensuring data center operations, services and maintenance.

The full life-cycle for data center care includes the following:

  • consulting, strategy, audits
  • feasibility studies, project documentation, external project review/examination
  • construction/build-out, investor representation, project management, launch of operations, test operations
  • data center operations, service and maintenance
  • certification of project documentation, objects, ensuring operations


It is possible to implement data centers in various forms across all business sectors:

  • data centers operated for one's own needs (corporate)
  • data centers for the public administration (govt. bodies)
  • data centers for security forces and for units providing critical state infrastructure
  • data centers for third-party services – co-location, housing, hosting, cloud
  • telecommunications nodes – MSC, BSC, peering centers
  • Mobile DC – mobile data centers and server rooms in container format
  • Mini DC – server rooms for SMEs
  • Micro DC – standing (upright) data center / data racks for SMBs

Key features

Designed based on customer needs

  • Topology for operational (technological) infrastructure is proposed based on purpose of usage – corporate or hosting / housing data center
  • Tiering options based on TIER, TIA-942 standards
  • Minimization of operating costs
  • High availability, elasticity and flexibility

Extremely safe from the physical and fire-safety security point-of-view

  • Multi-layer, protective building cover for data rooms and spaces used for housing operational (technological) infrastructure
  • Construction set-up for separation of space for operational (technological) and ICT infrastructure
  • There is no direct entry to the data rooms.
  • Monitoring of entry into the site and monitoring of movements of people at the site
  • Separated fire-prevention segments, independently separated data rooms


  • Use of highly effective technologies
  • Agnostic of one brand, possible to use the best technologies from various vendors

Gradual performance boosts

  • Scalability option across units of varying sizes
  • Expansion based on modules – from one stand (cabinet) to an entire data room

Constant supervision of operations – from anywhere

  • Possible to monitor data center operations both locally and remotely
  • Independent monitoring system for the environment and for operations parameters for individual technologies
  • Implementation of technologies for DCIM, Asset Management, Facility Management
  • Energy management, connectivity management, capacity management

Professional, continuous operations

  • Service Desk and monitoring center 24 × 365
  • Outsourcing operations, Facility Management
  • Reactive service, preventive maintenance
  • Certified teams of service (maintenance) engineers
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