Altron is the number one supplier of data centers and all related solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. Our history dates back to 1991. We supply customers tailor-made, top-quality technologies.  We established our fundamental relationships with suppliers like Schneider Electric, ABB and Emerson back at the time when our company was founded by four private shareholders. We have thus been able to provide top-quality services in the fields of delivery, installation and maintenance of critical technologies. At the start of the 21st century, the company continued to fulfil the ever-growing requirements of the ICT market and introduced end-to-end services for data centers.  As an important player and implementer of advanced engineering projects in the region, Altron had become the veritable leader in this segment by 2005.  It was that then that Altron began to expand its business further into the CEE region and to the Middle East.  By investing in an adaptation process to a new culture and a new environment, we were able to maintain our values and to continue to deliver quality engineering projects based on top-level, technological products from our suppliers.  Our hallmark in all sales segments, design, implementation and support across the region is a qualified workforce and team of engineers. Altron experts work across a broad array of industries that include the military and security services, e-government, telecommunications, banking and manufacturing.

Our World

Our world consists of data centers and everything related thereto.  We follow technological and functionality trends, we map options for using them.  We create, maintain and offer our service portfolio with a view to our customers' needs and expectations.  What we do fulfils us; we do our work in an innovative and reliable way.  And we already have decades of experience:  we have realized hundreds of projects worldwide.

Our vision

… or who we are. We are a sought-after provider of end-to-end, intelligent data center solutions for the development of digital business.  We offer a comprehensive portfolio for managing the entire digital business life-cycle.

Our mission

… or what we do. We help customers adapt to dynamic, ever-changing market conditions and thanks to our flexibility and individual-focused approach we support their productivity.

Our strengths

Altron group’s service offer is truly unique because it includes comprehensive solutions, services and software for the efficient transfer, processing and storage of large volumes of data (big data).  The advantage meanwhile is not just the scope of the services we provide and single-source supply, but also our ability to find solutions to customers‘ problems in a more systematic way, examining multiple perspectives and with a long-term view. This is something that more narrowly-specialized suppliers cannot always do.

This symbiosis of technological and IT services with systems integration is supported by wide-ranging know-how, and it allows us to offer truly comprehensive solutions.  Thanks to our control over all system units and components, we are able to guarantee high-quality services and to resolve efficiently all operational problems.  The success of our strategy is visible in the continual growth of the number of our clients and the increase in these companies‘ performance.  Thanks to this, we are a trusted and very financially-stable partner.  Our customers gain not only services, but also a long-term, reliable partner that is able to take on care for their corporate ICT infrastructure to the full extent.

Altron’s unique market value is represented by its combination of long-term experience and its own research and development into unique solutions and services for data centers.  Across varied sectors, we support current trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud service management, municipal (urban) mobility and smart grids for energy.  This combination of experience and innovation then delivers solutions with high availability, flexibility and economic efficiency to support almost any business segment.

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