Unique solution enabling centralized and unified provisioning management and automated administration of public, private and hybrid clouds, virtual machines and other machines across individual virtualization platforms. CMP replaces native tools for management of virtualization platforms and is thus the right tool at the moment when organizations are beginning operate multiple types of virtualization or various cloud environments.

The solution is suitable for:

  • telecommunications and ICT service providers,
  • corporate customers with heterogeneous IT infrastructure,
  • international companies who need internal rebilling of operating costs for central IT


Altron CMP represents a unique solution for managing physical and virtualized infrastructure, independent of the type of virtualization platform, the hypervisor used or the actual HW elements. The integration interface supports known platforms from top global software vendors (i.e. proprietary hypervisors and relevant licensed virtualization platforms), open-source systems and manages connected physical and virtualized infrastructure. CMP differs from competitor products mainly due to its flexibility, its options for using multiple virtualization platforms at once and the transferability of virtual machines between individual platforms.


The self-service, customer portal offers customers unified provisioning, management and automated management of virtual machines in a heterogeneous environment involving virtualized platforms all at once. Based on interaction  via the GUI portal, the customer gains the option to assign available resources to individual virtual servers, to manage the life-cycle of virtualized resources, to connect virtual machines in private networks, to make use of connectivity to public data networks and also manage accessory services like firewalls or backup. The uniqueness of Altron's CMP stems from its screening of users from individual virtualization platforms. Via web browsers like MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, the user gains the option for direct interaction with virtualization platforms without the necessity of using proprietary accessories or expert knowledge of virtualization platforms and administration of cloud services.


Capacity and performance planning together with monitoring the status of physical or virtual infrastructure represents a basic extension of the CMP module. Optimization of energy consumption, monitoring loads on virtual infrastructure together with platform orchestration for VMware ESXi Server, KVM, Hyper-V Server all represent unique solutions offered by Altron. Thanks to CMP, users gain a unified, centralized overview of their virtual infrastructure.


The Billing component is a further extension of the CMP module. It provides a basic inventory of data on usage of ordered services from individual hypervisors down to the virtual machine level. The periodic collection of data, its transformation and unification into a single format enables the expression of used service platforms in monetary amounts based on the user's payment models.

Hybrid cloud

Altron CMP can also be applied to management of hybrid clouds. By connecting a private cloud such as Altron Micro data center, for example, with a public cloud, you can use CMP to easily manage all resources regardless of their location. A Micro data center located at a customer site can serve to run company applications, whose data cannot be for various reasons safely transferred to a public cloud. Thanks to CMP, you can easily manage the entire infrastructure with options for allocating required performance or capacity based on current needs between public and private clouds. Thus, the customer gains for their applications a high level of security together with sufficient capacity for covering performance peaks.

Effective cloud management

Today, virtualization and cloud services help effectively use corporate ICT resources. Thanks to the diversity of available resources, it can often occur that IT operators use a number of technologies that do not directly communicate with one another. Management of such heterogeneous infrastructure is then demanding on human and financial resources. Altron developed its own unique solution, Altron Cloud Management Platform, which is in fact meant to manage heterogeneous infrastructure regardless of its size and the number of technologies it runs. The integration interface supports all of today's known platforms from top global software vendors and open-source systems and manages connected physical and virtualized infrastructure. The solution enables the consolidation, orchestration and management of everything from one spot and also ensures the connection to other systems such as product catalogs, user management systems, etc. The advantage of the Altron solution is that it also connects to its own Altron Enterprise Billing service, which provides for the proper billing of operated services based on actual use of IT resources.

Hybrid data center with the click of a mouse

The Altron solution for cloud platform management can also be applied for management of hybrid data centers. By connecting Altron's Micro data center to a private network with a large data center run by a cloud service provider, it is possible, using the Altron Cloud Management platform, to control easily all resources regardless of their location. A Micro data center located at a customer site can then serve to run company applications, whose data is securely stored in the big data center. Or you can move required capacity (performance) based on current needs. Together with cyber-security and infrastructure protection services (VPNs, firewalls, probes), it is possible to manage easily the entire infrastructure. The customer thus gains a high level of security transferred from the side of the large data center provider.

Key features

  • Own software platform for cloud management
  • Experience running traditional and open-source cloud platforms
  • Integration with the Altron Enterprise Billing solution
  • A team of more than 40 developers
  • Experience with cloud platform orchestration across segments
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