Today, cloud services are nowadays standard for customers. We offer a family of cloud services called aCloud, which enable you to meet requirements for your IT environment quickly and flexibly without the need to buy IT infrastructure. It's possible to order the services for various lengths of time with required availability. You pay only for what you actually use. Our cloud services enable the dynamic use of IT environments together with cost savings on company IT. Individual services can operate independently without the need for the customer to have a Virtual DC or its own infrastructure.

With this solution, we focus on everyday business needs:


  • virtual and physical IT environments – aCloud Backup
  • data from the Microsoft Office 365 environment – aCloud Backup 365
  • workstations – aCloud Backup for Workstation


  • data recovery and application behavior following disasters – aCloud DR
  • securing the network perimeter – aCloud Firewall
  • securing properly distributed workloads across IT resources – aCloud LoadBalancing

Secure work

  • at end stations – aCloud Secure Desktop
  • online – aCloud Secure Browser
  • with mail clients – aCloud Secure eMail

aCloud Backup

The aCloud Backup service transcends the idea of traditional backup and offers high availability for your data and applications with a short time for data recovery.  The service provides effective and efficient backup of virtual and physical environments, quick and flexible recovery and advanced replication functions. It enables fast, reliable recovery of your data and applications. The service contains the following:

  • management of virtual, physical and cloud environments using a single console
  • support for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory
  • recovery of Oracle and SQL Server databases down to the transaction level
  • automatic verification of recovery for each backup and replication
  • WAN acceleration for quick transfer of backups and replications
  • integrated deduplication and data compression
  • and much more.

aCloud Disaster Recovery

Ensures disaster recovery for your applications with a RTO and RPO < 15 minutes. The service helps you configure your required strategy for application availability, which boosts the value of your data center investment and extends it using a hybrid cloud.

The service simplifies and makes easy the eventual rapid recovery of application operations and access to information after IT environment disasters.  In this way, customers can truly make use of their hybrid cloud architecture and have the option of transferring responsibility for application availability and environment operations after disasters to the service provider. Meanwhile, they maintain the ability to configure and use services in any way they like. The aCloud DR service with options for advanced replication based on bit copies of virtual computers (workstations) offers fully-integrated, rapid and secure disaster recovery via the cloud and ensured by the service provider.

aCloud Backup 365

The service ensures control over your data and the option of backup to and data recovery for Office 365: whether you have fully moved to Office 365 or whether you use a hybrid configuration of Exchange server and Office 365 applications.  aCloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365 eliminates the risk of loss of access to email data on Exchange server and ensures the availability for your data.            

The Microsoft Office 365 service offers a cloud solution for your email infrastructure and availability for large enterprises without the necessity of using your own email infrastructure.  Even if Microsoft hosts your infrastructure, it does not exempt you of your obligation to maintain backups of your data and emails from the Office 365 application. With the aCloud Backup 365 service, your data are secured even in much older backups than are standard for Microsoft Office 365.  Moreover, with this solution, you can...

  • gain control over Office 365 application data inside your organization
  • cut time and reduce effort needed for searching and recovery of email data
  • ensure protection in the event of data loss scenarios that Microsoft services do not plan for
  • simplify migration of email data between the Office 365 service and the on-site Exchange system
  • backup Office 365 applications and the Exchange on-site server to the location of your choice
  • recover emails, calendars and Office 365 contacts
  • make use of advanced functions for search and flexible options for recovery and export
  • make use of unified backup for Exchange and Office 365

aCloud Backup for Workstation

For various reasons and causes, it is not possible to virtualize some physical servers and workstations.  Despite this fact, there is still data on these devices and it could be dangerous for your company not to back it up.  Data organizations can be threatened by everyday incidents such as connection failures, hardware failure, file damage or even ransomware attacks and data theft.  Our aCloud Backup for Workstation service solves these problems by backing up workstations running on Windows and Linux operating systems.

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