We will configure for you policies and rules for using mobile devices: be it company or private ones used by your employees. This way they will not threaten productivity and, moreover, it will secure your sensitive data and information that might be on them.  Thanks to modern technologies and their implementation in enterprise environments, you will have a perfect overview of all mobile devices, their content (company data and applications) and you will be able to manage these devices remotely.        


This service enables the management of smartphones and tablets in organizations and thus protects data and information held on these devices  based on multi-factor policies and independent of platforms or device manufacturers.  The admin can configure devices, and also secure and service them, remotely.  You can encrypt, lock and shut off device access to company information.

In addition to data and information security, you can manage applications that users use on mobile devices within the framework of corporate guidelines (rules). This configures an extra layer of security that enables Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This means employees can use private devices for work purposes.  Here, you can configure an area for company applications and data that is managed by the company and separate from private data and the device's application layer.  Company data are also fully under control.

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