Based on our analyses and best practices, we configure the right policies and network parameters such that they are protected against unauthorized network access and against improper network usage.  Through the proper design of network elements, their configuration, connection and  establishment of the right security rules, we protect the work of individual users, network devices, your applications and data.

Multi-factor authentication

We will configure the security for your network in a modern way and based on the latest global best practices.  We usually begin with an entry into the secured network environment by means of verification; typically with a user name and password.

However, in today's world, this is no longer an adequate method: single-factor.  We are able to secure (log-in) with a second factor: i.e. using two-factor authentication (i.e. security tokens or dongles, bank cards or mobile phones and text messages); or possibly a third factor (i.e. fingerprints or retina scans).

As soon as the user is verified using multi-factor authorization, configuration of network rules (network policy) allows the user to access their data, applications and devices that are permitted as part of the rules.

Other services

Other services that need to be configured in the network include the following:

  • Configuration of antivirus and antispam technologies that monitor potentially dangerous content such as computer viruses or Trojan horses.  Antivirus software and infiltration prevention systems (IPS) help detect and suppress the activities of such malware.  Systems for detecting infiltrations based on anomalies can also monitor  networks and can record operations for audit purposes and for later high-level analyses.  Newer systems that combine machine learning with analysis of full network communications can detect active hacker networks that are threats to the user's computer or account  - see Network Visibility.

A further security element could be encrypted communications and encryption of sensitive data.

The main elements in the Network Security service that we offer our customers include the following:

  • secure access management
  • monitoring and protection of transferred and stored content
  • active management of security operations
  • IPS and DLP
  • Log management and SIEM
  • Antivirus and Antispam
  • Cyber Security
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