Protection against cyberattacks both internal and external.  Thanks to a very sophisticated, self-teaching system that detects all network anomalies in real-time and all access to network features, the network admin has an immediate overview of all managed networks, of user behavior and devices in the network.  Using the alert display system for individual network layers and segments, the admin is able to react really quickly and in real-time and protect the company against cyberattacks.


The DarkTrace technology, which we use for the Network Visibility service, is unique in its ability to detect and react to the most subtle cyberattack threats inside the network, including internal security - securing the perimeter.  It uses advanced mathematical models and further improves them based on situations that arise, i.e. it learns from them.  The system first learns the behavioral model for each user, device, network, etc. so that it can uncover in real-time hidden cyber threats and attacks based on various divergencies in behavior and based on discovered anomalies. The service enables organizations to react very quickly to threats and limit the risk of attacks.

The service's and technology's main features include the following:

  • detection of outstanding network anomalies
  • study of normal and abnormal behavior in the network in real-time
  • identification and display of internal and external threats
  • option for on-demand or on-premise use
  • report assessment (alerts and threats) as part of the service
  • offers immediate value during the first day of implementation
  • complementary (and cooperating) with standard tools and technologies as part of Network Security (firewalls, IPS, DLP, etc.)
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