All our customers are trying to eliminate security risks while improving their service offer, reducing time for bringing new services to life and expanding their business operations.. This is all constrained by limited budgets and pressure to cut employee counts. Our consultants understand your problems; they live them day-in, day-out. They pay close attention to your strategy and the priorities you have set for yourself. The services they provide will fully meet your requirements as concerns quality, defined timetables and creating documentation: our reports are prepared in full detail and easy-to-understand.

Service Overview

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to help you find and achieve functioning, effective solutions at any phase of a project. The experience, quality and professionalism of our consultants form the basis of this service. The objective of our consulting services is to understand our customers' requirements and to ensure expected benefits and customer satisfaction; mainly as concerns savings on investment and operational costs.

Technological Consulting

We provide our customers technological consulting for optimizing their existing infrastructure, systems, processes and procedures. This counsel derives from our consultants’ long-term experience and their certification for individual technological fields (software suites).


Our strategies offer customers an overview of business development plans as relates to their technological needs. We review the current state of their technology and factor in the future requirements they are considering, alongside their strategic objectives and business priorities.

The strategy is used to define procedures for acquiring or developing capacities, parameters, availability, security and optimization of operational costs. The main aim is to establish an optimal path forward with regard to the customer's priorities, while building on their business plans and requirements and their strategy for business development. An important aspect of this process is planning development over the long-term and aligning current activities with future development needs (namely business continuity, system scalability, modularity, mobility, TCO, etc.).

The reasons for elaborating a strategy in such detail are as follows:

  • Rationalization of decision-making processes
  • Optimization and planning of future activities, investments and operational costs
  • Aligning business needs, ICT, operational infrastructure over the long-term
  • Options for future development

Expert Evaluation (Audit)

Expert evaluation (audits) of infrastructure, systems, processes and procedures is a basic requirement for defining existing security, availability, operational efficiency and their optimization.

As part of the audits, we carry out evaluations based on customer requirements: internal standards, terms of references (SoR, RFP, ETR, etc.) and per international and local standards and norms. Evaluations always include a technical and financial analysis and recommended alternatives for further development.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies derive from a needs analysis for the customer, accessible (product) history and defined plans for future development that reflect anticipated trends for risk assessment. They evaluate key parameters for proposed solutions and resources, their availability and cost; always bearing in mind possible changes over time.

Feasibility studies typically include these areas:

  • Initial state, reasons for and analysis of needs
  • Description of implementation and definition of phases
  • Project management
  • Architecture, technical and technological solutions
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Implementation timetable
  • Financial and economic analyses
  • Evaluation of project efficiency and sustainability

Project Management

Project management is a process that coordinates individual sets of activities when implementing a project. The aim of the process is to achieve, based on defined peripheral conditions (typically timing and budgets), required objectives that have been set for the given project.


Below is a list of our select references in the field of Professional Services:

  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  • Mubadala Development Company
  • Central Bank of OMAN
  • MOI
  • T-Mobile
  • Czech Interior Ministry
  • Prague City Hall
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