We will help you during the preparation and implementation of your investment; this to meet your expectations and to fulfil the goals you have set. We design intelligent buildings and technological units that we use to integrate important technologies and we coordinate their use in the proposed solution such that all required parameters are achieved together with optimization of investment and future operating costs. We use energy modelling and simulations with the aim of showing our customers the future behavior of the proposed building or units and to predict the consequences of the design for the entire project life-cycle and its impact on the environment. The aim of our work is to deliver maximum quality and to ensure maximum utility value for our clients as part of their planned investments.

Overview of services


Projecting work in the field of data centers and operating technology units integrates all documentation and requirements from the commissioning party with those of all other parties involved. An experienced team of our authorized project engineers will put together for you proposals for new "greenfield" complexes as well as improvements to existing centers.

  • initial consultation
  • studies and visualization
  • documentation for issue of zoning authorization
  • documentation for building permits
  • documentation for building construction
  • documentation for actual implementation
  • handover and operations documentation

As part of our services, we ensure compliance with all local laws and regulations. When developing a project, we respect proven procedures and internationally-recognized standards. We regularly report on project status and submit detailed proposals for validation.

CFD modelling

CFD modelling (computational fluid dynamics) carried out using top-level 6SigmaDCX software simplifies processes for preparing projects. You can also use it to test proposed cooling systems: even prior to actual project implementation.

External examination (expert assessment) of project documentation

External examination/review (expert assessment) of project documentation assesses submitted project documents with an aim of checking understandability, clarity and compliance with pre-defined standards and norms in the given field. As part of this service, we assess all documents submitted per the customer's requirements - i.e. against internal standards and the terms of reference (SoR, RFP, ETR, etc.).

Author supervision

Author supervision is a service that guarantees compliance with valid project documentation by the project implementer, approval of divergences, changes and modifications. It ensures the expert realization of the work and its technical and technological parts and bringing them to life (i.e. launching operations). It also includes cooperation on handover and acceptance of the work or parts thereof. Provides support for removal of defects and unfinished work or parts subject to complaint processes.

Technical supervision

Technical supervision is a service that ensures the execution of certain, specific investor activities during the construction process and once it is finished. This mainly involves quality control of work carried out. A basic requirement is independence from the delivering party and building engineers.

Investor representation

Investor representation guarantees the timely completion, adequate quality and agreed price of the work. The investor can thus focus fully on its business activities and manage its priorities, while using the team of competent experts from the service supplier.

  • preparation of projects and their phasing
  • project architect activities
  • engineering activities
  • selection of supplier
  • technical supervisor for investor
  • author supervision
  • project management
  • managing and/or coordinating purchases
  • handover process
  • testing and launch of operations
  • test operations
  • operating documentation
  • definition of service provision and maintenance plans
  • selection of service organization


Our select references in the field of engineering services:

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  • KyivStar – Ukraine
  • SWAN – Slovakia
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