The system offers a unique solution for companies addressing the shipment of valuable goods (electronics, luxury clothing and shoes, alcoholic beverages, etc.). Thanks to the permanent overview of the positioning and status of freight, it is possible to organize better rescue activities as well as fulfil the requirements of insurance companies. The systems resolves the following inadequacies of existing systems:

  • inadequate dispatcher operations access to information on vehicles and trailers
  • inadequate information for planning and dispatcher management (operations)
  • incomplete GSM coverage for the route duration (Europe)
  • insufficient battery life (in case trailers are disconnected)
  • inability to connect monitoring units to security systems
  • limited options for expanding systems to include new functions
  • missing asset management (trailers, towers, monitoring units, etc.) and service/maintenance management


Monitoring unit

  • Securing 100% coverage across Europe
  • Trailer location function
  • Geofencing function
  • Remote PANIC button function
  • Detection of the opening/closing of trailer doors

Asset management system

  • Basic asset inventory
  • Option for connecting comments to assets
  • Option for connecting photographs to assets
  • Option for adding attachments to assets

Asset service management

  • Monitoring service (maintenance) intervals
  • Basic service for workflow approval

Dispatching images

  • Vehicle planning and fleet matching
  • Imaging of trailers on a geographic map
  • Display of status information for trailers
  • Display of event histories for trailers
  • Alarm window (current events to be resolved)

Assessment and BI module

  • Management of travel information (route, rest stops, re-fueling sites, phone number, last contact, changes to planned route)
  • Geofencing
  • Receipt of information from monitoring units (new and existing where possible)
  • Evaluation of disrupted routes, opening of doors, pressing of panic buttons
  • Implementation of verification procedures prior to travel (trips)
  • Security application interface
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