Service overview


In order for technology to do its job well (reliably) at the required level of quality, availability and efficiency, it needs to be installed properly. The service does not consist solely of installation, but also of assessing the preparedness of related infrastructure and its eventual modification for the proper realization of the actual installation. The service is delivered by a proven team that has long-term experience and which is able to provide expertly-delivered implementation of installation work, which is a condition for handover of guarantees for installed technologies.


The proper launch of a new device including its proper configuration is truly fundamental for it working reliably and efficiently. The service consists of starting-up technologies and the proper configuration of all parameters as concerns the connection of other technologies, surrounding infrastructure and, last but not least, the required operating regime for the technology. Start-up is carried out by a certified technician who has all the resources needed (HW and SW) for due, expert provision of services. Start-up is, for all manufacturers, an essential requirement for guaranteeing the warranty for devices delivered.


The testing service consists of the due testing of all pre-defined functional parameters and features of specific technologies as concerns various states of operation and the entire technological unit as part of the infrastructure. Testing scenarios that serve to verify parameters and anticipated reaction models for entire units during simulation of states of operation are defined for individual technologies. The testing itself is always carried out by experienced experts and is monitored, recorded and subsequently evaluated in detail. Eventually, necessary modifications for the tested technologies are agreed and plans for further testing are made. Properly implemented testing boosts the availability and reliability of technologies, eventually the infrastructure as a whole, and simplifies the technologies' subsequent operations.

The FAT – Factory Acceptance Test is carried out by the manufacturer prior to dispatch and ensures that the given device is ready for installation. Properly carried out FATs lead to a notable reduction in potential problems during device installation.

The SAT – Site Acceptance Test is carried out at the venue where the technology is to be installed and ensures that the system has been properly made, installed and connected to other systems and devices.

Test operations

Despite expertly done installations of individual technologies, their start-up and testing, it is not possible to configure and test complex technological units properly in individual operational states without test operations. The test operations service serves for comprehensive planning of testing in normal and extraordinary operational states, discovering the reaction of the entire system to these operational states and comparing the actual behavior of units against expectations or eventually for the modification of the units' or individual parts' configurations. During test operations, in addition to testing, specialized measurements are carried out according to the plan. The service's output is duly tested infrastructure which is prepared for the production phase of its life-cycle.

Launching operations

This is a comprehensive service that connects (combines) the installation of technologies, their proper start-up, testing of individual technologies and comprehensive testing of entire technological units as well as the handover over and acceptance of technologies or technological units for use. Individual parts of the service have a given scope and pre-defined parameters for input and output. These parameters are specified in the project documentation and plans for individual parts of the service. The service monitors primarily compliance with project documentation and specifications for individual devices, proper installation, start-up and configuration of technologies and the ability of technological units and their parts to provide expected functionality and achieve defined parameters in all operational states.

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