IoT data platforms represent comprehensive and, in the future, expandable solutions for ensuring operations of IoT devices and sensors in industrial environments.  Operating networks of IoT devices and sensors is meant here as ensuring the operating functions for IoT platforms; from connection to communications networks to interfaces for application verticals:

  • sensor management (inventories, support for servicing activities),
  • monitoring device technical states,
  • provisioning of IoT devices and sensors for communication networks,
  • collection of data from IoT devices and sensors,
  • operational data storage servers,
  • data archives,
  • data processing and management (ETL, synthesis, analytics),
  • a data security system and access to devices (authentication, secure communications, user rights/authorizations),
  • application interfaces for external applications,
  • tools for platform management (operations and administrative portal),
  • management of users and customers (with ties to CRM),
  • inventories for system audits,
  • documents for billing and SLA monitoring (performance measurement),
  • reporting
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