Service Overview

Preventive maintenance

Attaining high reliability and limiting risks of critical technology failure to a minimum is achieved through a properly designed and subsequently implemented maintenance strategy. Our proactive plans for preventive maintenance of technologies are developed based on customer needs combined with insight from our long-term experience.  It has been proven, for example, that for UPS sources the average period between failures (MTBF) for devices on which preventive maintenance is carried out twice annually is more than 20 times longer than for devices on which preventive maintenance is not done at all. When realizing preventive maintenance, you identify and solve eventual problems before they can cause actual damage.  Preventive maintenance results in minimization of operational risks while optimizing operations, i.e. ensuring maximum utility while maintaining optimal operating costs.

Service in case of equipment failure

Unfortunately, even when carrying out preventive maintenance, you can come across unexpected defects on technological devices.  Defective states are often caused by external factors that the person operating the device cannot influence.  It does not matter whether the human factor is involved or if it is a matter of the weather, or perhaps the failure of the device itself, the basic requirement is always to get operations back to normal both quickly and safely.  The longer the downtime, the more damages occur.  For such cases, we offer a reactive maintenance service.  We work with customers to determine device importance based on risk assessment, or rather the impact of the device not working.  Following on this assessment, we apply the corresponding reactive maintenance service so that the customer can achieve the required level of maintenance.  Reactive services consist of ensuring the warranty period after receipt of the requirement (request) from the customer, phone assistance, guaranteed launch of repairs and a guaranteed deadline for completion of repairs or eventual securing of a replacement solution that ensures secure operations.  To achieve maximum added value when implementing product failure services, it is best to combine it with a remote monitoring service.

Service plans

Customers who are aware of the importance of their technological infrastructure as it relates to their business, choose one of our service/maintenance programs when caring for their devices.  Our service programs represent a complete set of maintenance care for technological devices, which derives from our properly designed and executed maintenance strategy in combination with our repair services, designed based on risk assessments, that guarantee availability and response time.  Our service programs include remote monitoring.  Individual service/maintenance programs are defined as part of logical wholes based on quality and type. By taking advantage of our service program, the customer saves on resources and optimizes maintenance costs.  Meanwhile, they boost device operational efficiency, which leads to lower operating costs and greater infrastructure availability.  The service results in cost-optimized, flawless and worry-free technology operations with increased efficiency. 

Training operational personnel

This service helps persons running technologies boost the qualifications of their operations personnel and thus ensure the highest possible availability of the technologies they run; all while improving operations efficiency and security.  The service consists of providing combined theoretical and practical training on the topic of technological infrastructure operations for individual technology units and/or devices, or possibly for other activities tied to infrastructure operations.  The trainers are internal and external experts who have relevant certifications for operations of wholes or individual technologies.  We offer the service in the form of pre-defined topics and on specific technologies, or in some cases as individual training sessions based on the client’s specific requirements. There is always the option to run the training directly at a specific customer work-site. 

The service does not just offer programs for operations personnel based on individual technology units, but also programs for managers and admins of technological sites who are looking to boost availability, optimize operating costs and increase the quality of services provided.

The trainers (training staff) are later available for further phone and written consultations and are also available in the event of further questions related to the training topic.  The aim of the Training and Education service is rapid, measurable ROI for training and learning programs purchased.

Critical infrastructure maintenance

The CFM service consists of transferring responsibility for your data center operations to us. The service consists of four basic components: a 24 × 365 service center; a center of excellence; ensuring and managing basic activities 24 × 365; and subcontractor management.

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