Micro DC is a fully integrated unified infrastructure, backup power, cooling, and management in one secured enclosure, which delivers instant IT capacities without any construction works. Just add your IT equipment.


Safe and highly accessible IT environment is the foundation of practically any business today. Our original Micro DC has been developed to be suitable foundation for consolidating corporate IT.

Unique Design & Components

  • Full integration & control of all data center facility infrastructure components
  • Smart Management Unit; advanced smart power distribution with monitored, metered and switched power distribution boards
  • Smart Ventilation Unit & SmartCooling Unit

IT ready solution in one rack

  • A modern, prefabricated alternative to traditional structures
  • Pre-manufactured and pre-tested prior to delivery and deployment to client site minimizes construction and does not require any fitted room (server room)

Protecting Critical ICT equipment

  • Eliminating power source failure through soft start results in extended ICT resistance and lifetime
  • Local power outlet failure does not affect whole ICT system availability


  • Government Digital Infrastructures –Metropolises, Telecommunication Sites, Electrical Grids driven by Internet of Things, Smart City projects in Residential Zones
  • Military operations require rugged, mobile, and easy to deploy solution in harsh environments of military bases and remote operations
  • Industrial application require special protection to cope with rugged and harsh conditions of exploration, research and production sites
  • In healthcare sector digital imaging growth in requirements for infrastructure is the main driver for micro data center throughout medical campuses
  • Banking sector and retails strive for unified ICT deployment across multiple branches

Key features

  • ICT compatibility
  • High performance computing
  • Edge-of-network infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery or BC solution
  • Converge IT
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