Mini DC – a server room is a specific location or part of a building specially designed for placement of computers and communications systems and their related parts. It is typically located in a standard office building and uses, at least in part, that building's infrastructure, i.e. power sources and electricity, main circuit breaker and circuit switches, backup sources, central cooling source and perimeter.  The Mini DC independent data room is almost identical to standard data rooms built in data center buildings. Individual components are designed such that the entire solution runs reliably and efficiently; and is also scalable: under certain conditions.

The Mini DC is a suitable solution for the following:

  • small- and medium-sized businesses that process operations and sales data
  • firms that provide their products and services via advanced ICT infrastructure
  • industrial and manufacturing companies that process data essential for planning and managing production

ALTRON recommends, for its solution, when designing and implementing a Mini DC, the following basic steps

  • feasibility study
  • proposal for suitable solution
  • selection of suitable space
  • design
  • realization
  • project management
  • relocation services
  • launch of operations
  • server room operations
  • service and maintenance

The MINI DC's server room's technological infrastructure includes the following:

  • power supply system
  • cooling system
  • 19“ stands
  • network infrastructure
  • EZS systems
  • EPS systems
  • fire-safety devices (fire extinguishers)

Key features

Designed/proposed based on customer needs

  • Suitably-designed Mini DCs and their technology allow for the optimization of investment and operating costs and their ratios.
  • Tiering options according to TIER, TIA-942 standards

Safe from a physical or fire-safety perspective

  • Multi-layer, protective, building cover for the Mini DC with its own critical infrastructure
  • Monitoring of building entries and monitoring of persons inside the data room

Quickly-accessible solution

  • You don't build a new building; you use part of an existing one. 
  • You often don't need a building permit.
  • Typified solutions from global vendors and/or Altron
  • Rapid, simple project preparation

Effective (efficient) solution

  • Utilization of building's central infrastructure
  • Scalability – stands, UPS modules, cooling distribution units 
  • Operating simplicity
  • On-site and remote supervision
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