Single entry point for residents of towns and villages, and possibly for visitors. An online and mobile information portal that integrates application modules for individual municipal agendas and presentation of municipal information. Info portal created based on the Micro DC platform supported by an integration platform that connects information from component municipal information systems.

Key benefits

Single contact point

  • City residents and visitors can easily find all published information and manage their necessary errands in one spot; i.e. without difficult searches in various municipal information systems.

Modular architecture

  • The portal is able to integrate gradually all future municipal agendas and information sources and thus maintain interaction with citizens even during rapid development of smart city services.

Personalized information channel

  • The portal provides information on citizens' access to information, enables the city to assess visitors' interest in individual (types of) information and services and set priorities for the development of information systems based on public interest. The system monitors both access by registered users as well as by anonymous users based on device identification.
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