Data networks are part of every modern building. For buildings with critical technologies, it is a key part of their technological equipment and therefore it is essential to design the network alongside the operating technologies and thus eliminate the risk of functional, operational or spatial problems.

The network infrastructure solution includes a basic proposal for system topology, allocation of space for individual network infrastructure systems, dimensioning, location and coordination of routes and exact location of final (end-user) wall outlets, racks and stands. When (assigning) locations, we always take into consideration not only physical dimensions and their potential conflicts with other technologies, but also rules for placement of the specific technology from the perspective of interference, limitation on possible damage during operations, required availability and serviceability during operations and requirements for specific grounding of these components.

For data centers where the network infrastructure forms a critical part of the technologies, we usually integrate 3 types of data networks:

  • production data network – meant for actual production ICT that is critically dependent on it
  • technological data networks – meant for critical operational technologies systems such as BMS, monitoring, security systems including camera systems
  • standard office data networks – for other, non-critical operating systems

As part of this solution we also prepare (and offer) basic support for active network features such as redundant charging, heat removal and physical or fire-safety protection.

We recommend that our customers implement special software for network infrastructure management which can be integrated into other management systems, namely DCIM.

Typical network infrastructure technologies:

  • welded and pre-connector optic cables
  • welded or pre-connector metallic cables
  • Optic and metallic patch panels
  • Optic and metallic patch cords
  • ODM and ODF panels
  • systems for routing optic cables
  • systems for routing metallic cables
  • systems for network infrastructure management

Key features

Proposed based on customer needs

  • Implementation fits customer requirements and habits
  • Respects all functional and operating requirements stipulated for the installed technology


  • We choose solutions and products with a high utility value at an affordable price.
  • We recommend, based on our own experience, custom-made systems for effective use of your investment.

Easy operations and maintenance

  • Easy expansion and repairs of infrastructure during operations
  • We provide effective operations support for other systems and technologies.

Cost-saving operations

  • We have a stake in overall operational savings - i.e. lines and separation of air cooling systems.
  • We design systems with minimal operations maintenance and with long warranty periods.
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