We supply operational technologies according to your exact needs: whether it be high availability, options for maintenance during operations, flexibility, low operating costs or environmental impact.

Electricity power source

Power source systems are the cornerstone for each technology, and thus special emphasis is always placed on the design and operations of these systems. We make sure that your critical applications and technologies are always working when you need them.

Our solutions are comprehensive and they include all systems for electrical power source configurations: be it standard sources, backup sources, distribution networks, support for management and monitoring systems on to standard installation and lighting.

We always notice (we are aware of) the relationship with other building systems: be it systems for cooling, air technologies, various low-stream systems or systems ensuring physical security and fire-safety.

Typical technologies for power source systems:

  • VN distributors/switches
  • VN/NN transformers
  • NN distribution routers from 10 000 A to the wall sockets for connecting individual appliances
  • VN and NN cable distributors and support systems uninterrupted power source (UPS) from 1 kVA up to dozens of MVA
  • NN and VN motor generators
  • dynamic UPS systems
  • automated STS and ATS systems
  • regular construction electrical installation
  • regular and emergency lighting systems
  • grounding, connecting and VF grounding systems (for telecommunications purposes)
  • power-surge (overload) prevention and protection systems
  • anti-static electricity protection systems
  • lightning rods
  • power source systems for charging fire-safety security devices
  • emergency shutdown systems (Central Stop and Total Stop)

Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) system and related parameters

Heat removal systems represent a critical system for quality application of critical technologies in healthcare, industry, sales and elsewhere. Most often they are the largest electrical appliance in the structure (besides the technologies themselves).

We pay close attention to proposals for and operations of these systems with regard to availability, serviceability during operations and operating costs; namely, for electricity. Our objective is for your critical systems and technologies to work in an environment that guarantees their flawless operations and long life at the lowest operating costs and service, or maintenance, demands. This is all independent of the necessity for these systems' maintenance or their possible failure/malfunctioning.

Our solutions include all systems used for the purposes of maintaining all parameters surrounding heat removal pipes; be it climatic units, precise air-conditioning units, air technology, water-cooling systems or even air-cleaning systems. All our systems include support for management and monitoring systems so that it is possible to optimize these systems' operations in varied operating conditions and situations.

Our proposals include mutual relations with other building systems: be it power source systems or those providing physical security or fire-safety and building management systems (BMS).

Typical technology systems for heat removal and maintaining surrounding parameters:

  • precise air-conditioning systems (DV, CW, hybrid systems)
  • standard air-conditioning systems (Split, VRV)
  • economized operations (air, water, cooling)
  • recuperation systems
  • direct liquid cooling systems
  • air technology systems for hygienic air replacement (including VAV)
  • air technology systems for anti-fire and SHZ systems
  • humidifying and de-humidification systems
  • air-filtering systems
  • adiabatic pre-cooling systems
  • condensation draining systems
  • excess pressure maintenance systems (protection against intersection of impurities)
  • leak detection systems for cooling and other liquids and gases
  • systems for heating support spaces
  • separation and support systems for the efficient routing of heat replacement

Management and Regulatory (MaR) systems

Today, management and regulatory systems are critical systems for attaining operational efficiency and for reducing operational costs.

We propose and run these systems with a view to availability and serviceability of independent management systems and regulation such that in all circumstances reliable and uninterrupted operations of critical systems in ensured.

Meanwhile, we propose them such that we ensure the most reliable operations possible for the technical unit, i.e. without need for interventions by maintenance and service technicians and to eliminate possible human errors which today are most often behind critical system failures.

With the help of management and regulatory systems, we can ensure the efficient, cost-savings operations of supporting operational technologies; mainly, power source and heat removal systems.

Our systems are based on modular technologies that ensure high availability, serviceability and operations; along with the option of expansion or adapting (modifying) already-installed systems.

Our systems, of course, include a graphical, fully-intuitive environment for configuring operational parameters and regimes. Typical operational regimes include the high availability regime, the high efficiency regime, the optimal regime and the user regime. All our systems are fully integrated both with BMS as well as monitoring systems.

Typical technologies for management and regulatory systems:

  • systems for managing standard and backup power sources
  • systems for managing and regulating cooling technologies
    • condensation unit
    • Chiller
    • circulating pumps
  • systems for managing and regulating air technology systems (AHU units, FCU, ventilators)
  • systems for regulating the amount of cooling air for critical technologies
  • management and optimization of distribution routes
  • management of redundant operations for critical technologies
  • systems for the production and supply of technology water
  • systems for managing fuel systems
  • systems for the integration of sub-systems (component systems)

Physical security systems

Physical security is an integral part of operating systems. This does not involve only electrical security systems, but rather the entire concept of protecting people and property.

Physical security systems are conceived based on specific building types, technologies used, the environment and also the customer.

We prepare and implement custom-made systems based on risk assessment and its relevance to specific sites and technologies. We have elaborated a risk assessment system and also a system for recommendations and specific measures to be taken to mitigate said risks. We will prepare a concept for a building's physical security and in cooperation with you we will choose the best set of measures.

We consider a jointly integrated platform with a secured graphics and fully-intuitive environment for configuration and monitoring of all security aspects of the given building to be an important part of any physical security system as concerns real operations and reactions to specific situations. Our platforms can be fully integrated with both BMS and monitoring technologies.

Typical technologies for physical security systems:

  • building zoning systems
  • mechanical defense resource systems
  • building personal security systems
  • electrical and electronic protection systems:
    • camera systems including night vision systems
    • electronic entry control systems including the PalmSecure® technology
    • security alarm and emergency distress systems
    • fence security systems
    • gates and vehicle monitoring systems
    • people and device monitoring systems
    • air defense systems
    • secured communication systems
    • internal navigation systems
    • robotic systems
  • systems for integration of security systems

Fire-safety systems

Fire-safety systems as part of comprehensive solutions for protecting people and property

Due to the significant value of property and the presence of personnel, the fire-safety solution is one the priorities in such a building. An eventual fire could have an impact on the operations of your critical technologies and also on your business continuity.

We have long-term experience with the design, implementation and operations of various types of technologies. We will gladly recommend an optimal solution for you. We will develop a Building Fire-Safety Solution (BFSS) as a basic document for preparing your project documentation for the construction or re-construction of your building.

Typical technologies for fire-safety systems:

  • firewall (fire-safety dividing wall/divided space)
  • fire-safety devices
  • fire detection systems including early-warning detection systems (VESDA)
  • electrical fire-safety signalization and connection to the PCO
  • manual alarms
  • evacuation radio system and optical-acoustic signalization
  • smoke ventilation systems
  • stable fire extinguishers:
    • sprinklers
    • gas fire extinguishers with natural gases
    • gas fire extinguishers with chemical gases
    • foam fire extinguisher systems
    • aerosol fire extinguisher systems
    • systems with high-pressure water vapor (fog)
  • hand-held fire extinguishers and devices

Key features

Our systems are characterized by preparation for automated buildings and processes using advanced management systems and guidance such that they fulfil all current and future requirements essential for operational flexibility and efficiency.


  • Use of highly-effective technologies and principles
  • Advanced regulatory and management systems with automatic adaptation to operational conditions
  • Operational technology flexibility for optimization of operations of individual technologies
  • Operating systems for management of full operations

Operational savings

  • Minimization of operating costs for energy is a given for us.
  • We look after the minimization of costs for other operating materials and resources (water, heating, operating liquids/fuels).
  • We minimize costs for maintenance and renewal (recovery) thanks to operational plans and chosen technologies and solutions.

We apply the highest standards for personal and property security in relation to fire-safety solutions for buildings.
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