We build our corporate culture based on customer and employee satisfaction.

In addition to official activities: be it education or work-based, we prepare, each year, both social and sporting events for our employees and their families (roughly once every quarter). We also involve our colleagues from branch offices outside the Czech Republic in these events.

In order for our work to provide true satisfaction and so that we will always be able, in any conditions, to manage any, even the most complicated, brief from our clients, we adhere to the following internal rules at Altron:


Achieve success cleverly and without shortcuts.  Our activities lead to well-thought-out and perfectly-prepared projects and work programs.  We never do any work that wastes times and which does not have a defined benefit. Through continual performance measurements  at all levels of our organizational structure and the subsequent analysis of gathered findings,  we ensure the fair evaluation of all our employees. This helps us achieve maximum efficiency from our work.  We celebrate every success. We continuously listen to our colleagues and try to make their work environment and working conditions pleasant. We are interested in their personal needs and we provide them sufficient space for the eventual resolution of personal problems.


Hard work is a basic building block.  Passive employees are a big threat to business and their long-term engagement in a company can be very dangerous.  It is undesirable for our workers to find themselves in the role of mere task-fulfillers.  In addition to the independent and flawless fulfilment of assigned tasks, each of us independently, and of our own initiative, helps develop and improve other work processes.  We voluntarily and willingly help resolve problems that affect our business.


We continually work to improve ourselves. We are aware of the essential need for continuous improvement.  This applies not only to our products and work processes, but also to each of us on the personal level.  Last but not least, we try to perfect how we work together; we constantly look for new people to strengthen our team.  In our business, we use, to the maximum degree possible (but also pragmatically),  modern technologies and processes to demonstrate maximum performance: this in the shortest time possible and with minimum resources and tools.


We are one team. We have great respect for our colleagues' work. Thus, we try to adhere to principles for efficient team work so as not to cause unnecessary losses due to personal conflicts, indecisiveness or poor communication and coordination.  We always implement important and extensive changes as a team. We look for common solutions that are beneficial to each of us. We never compromise.


We never cheat and we always play fair in any circumstances.  We never, in no case, breach any valid laws or legislative norms when doing business.  We demand such a strict approach from all of our business partners as well.


Altron at first glance. We have built the image of a reliable, prosperous company over the long-term.  We believe that the way people perceive us and our clients and partners, how they speak of us, how they admire us, how they rate us, etc. is a fundamental measure that leads to success.  We are also active in our community.  We regularly take part in charitable evens and we support youth initiatives.


We are aware that as a provider of products, services and solutions in the field of information and communication technologies we have influence over the development and education of modern society and quality of life.  This binds us to act responsibly and correctly toward our partners, the public sector and toward citizens: this as concerns the economy, the environment and social issues.

As concerns economic issues, we have set up a clear set of ethical standards for our business, for our relationships with business partners and for employee behavior: these principles are embodied in our ethics code.  We commit to maintaining a level of professionalism for our employees and for our processes and for working conditions to support their satisfaction. We pay close attention to fulfilling company commitments to our clients and to the public administration. We offer customers products and services  with high technical and economic value.

It the field of the environment, we develop such DC technologies that minimize CO2 emissions. In our case, we develop primarily top-level technical standards for cooling and powering devices. We develop ICT solutions that have both economic and ecological benefits for customers.

Of course, we also have ISO 14000.

In the social area, we focus on our attention on the needs of people in the world around us; we set goals we can sensibly fulfil given the nature, and type, of work we do; for example:

  • development of technologically-focused youth - specifically a contest for the DDM Prague (youth and children's home) on high school expert activities (SOČ) and an international contest for programming robotic models (FLL) and helping people who are disadvantaged on the labor market to relaunch their careers - cooperation with the Brno-based social enterprise, Bajkazyl.

We create opportunities for our employees to fulfil their internal needs as part of our corporate volunteering project. We help the sick by providing financial contributions and supporting specific organizations; specifically, we work with the Club of Persons Suffering from Cystic Fibrosis (Klubu nemocných cystickou fibrózou).

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