Parking system solutions from Altron cover comprehensively all processes and components for modern parking systems. Altron, as a systems integrator, offers its customers tailor-made parking systems per their specific needs.

The comprehensive modular parking solution offers exceptional scalability and modularity for the resulting solution. The parking solution adapts to your needs: not the other way around. High-level reliability, comfort of use and low operating costs is ensured by use of Best-in-Class components, whether you are managing one parking lot or parking for an entire city.

The solution offers a choice of many optional components: intrusive and non-intrusive detectors, entry regulation, payment systems, enforcement and supporting information and navigation systems.

Basic functional features:

  • detection of parking spot occupancy
  • physical and virtual parking meters
  • regulation of visits (dispatches)
  • information, reservation and guidance (prompting) systems
  • ensuring enforcement
  • admin tools: Asset Management, Billing, Reporting, Monitoring

You are not alone:

Altron's experienced consultants and technicians will help you in every phase of project implementation and ensure its successful completion:

  • needs analysis, feasibility study elaboration
  • design/planning activities
  • engineering
  • comprehensive provision of deliveries
  • service/maintenance activities
  • ensuring operations

Intelligent solutions parking platforms

  • Altron's intelligent parking system is designed with multi-layer, modular architecture with separated data layers, application logic, web services and a user interface.
  • The system's core is created on the Altron Smart City platform, which together with the corresponding Smart Rack HW platform ensures the required data availability.
  • The system includes a payment (multichannel) portal, which enables the connection of various payment systems (models) to the parking system and ensures a connection to card (bank and other) service providers.
  • It is possible to connect external systems to the system or other modules ensuring the proper management and connection to record/document services, etc.


BORDO is a modular system for ensuring Security and Transport Organization (Bezpečnost a ORganizace DOpravy) that enable the comparison against actual situations of defined rules leading to the ensured security and freeing up of traffic in an affected area (territory). It enables the interconnection of process models for given rules; for example, for parking in marked zones, with modern telemetrics and monitoring systems, including IoT-based systems. This applies both for monitoring as well as for forced adherence to defined rules.

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