Physical Infrastructure creates essential functional and operations support for all other technological and operating systems in the building.

When we propose a design, we take into consideration not only basic requirements (purpose, dimensions, load), but also your current and future technical and operations demands such as fire-prevention security features, interventions during operations, changes to the technical solution, life-cycle and maintenance costs.

We propose both traditionally-made infrastructure or custom-designed solutions for better use of space, integration with other technologies and optimization of purchasing costs.

Typical physical infrastructure technologies:

  • technological dual-layer floors
  • technological blue-prints
  • technological stands and cabinets (distributors and racks for ICT, barrier stands, etc.)
  • systems for separating air conditioning/coolers (i.e. systems for warm and cold air paths for ICT racks)
  • steel support structures (for indoor and outdoor cooling units, distributors, pipes, exhaust and VZT systems)
  • lifting and moving technologies
  • anti-vibration and anti-noise measures

Key features

Designed based on customer needs

  • Set-up corresponds to customer requirements and habits
  • Respects all functional and operational requirements stipulated for the installed technology


  • We choose solutions and products with high utility value at an acceptable price.
  • We recommend, based on our own experience, custom-made systems for effective use of your investment.

Easy operations and maintenance

  • Easy expansion and repairs of infrastructure during operations
  • We provide effective operations support for other systems and technologies.

Cost-saving operations

  • We have a stake in overall operations savings - i.e. lines and separation of air cooling systems.
  • We design systems with minimal operations maintenance and with long warranty periods.
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