ALTRON expands to the cloud services. New acquisition of the cloud start-up BrandCloud.

  • Platform with smart cloud storage service for corporate identity management
  • Joint project of Najbrt studio, LaTaupe and newly of the ALTRON company
  • Technological development of the Czech project of BrandCloud safe application
  • Solution available as service for corporate customers from March

The strategy of new innovative solutions and products has been followed further uncompromisingly by the ALTRON company. The company namely put its investment resources into a joint start-up project of safe cloud storage site for corporate customers recently. The Czech BrandCloud project came into being three years ago and offers simply available and transparent environment which enables effective safe storage and sharing of any files or documents in their actual version. The solution was intended for management of marketing manuals, templates and agency sources, creatives and their customers.

ALTRON will, thanks to its fifty percent BrandCloud share, participate in the development of new functions and versions which will be available for corporate customers regardless their business branches. Fast implementation of new functions required by customers will be moreover supported by the joint ALTRON and BrandCloud development team.

„The investor‘s interest means the confirmation of the importance of our product in the field of smart storage sites market. We look forward to creation of further innovations within the environment where the file or item itself are not enough for everyday access to essential company information,“ both Mr. Karel Drašnar and Mr. Aleš Najbrt, co-founders of BrandCloud start-up agree.

„Our investment into BrandCloud joint project will enhance the ALTRON portfolio for easily available and safe cloud storage site service operated in the Czech environment. It locks together with our strategy of smart IT services for corporate customers. The BrandCloud solution will be developed and offered within our portfolio from March this year already.,“ Mr. Zbyněk Juřena, Director of ALTRON Business Solution, said

The BrandCloud smart cloud site consists of the local support as well provided by the team of the Czech developers and architects. The project development also supposes gradual expansion to international markets thanks to existing customers from the EMEA region.

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