“Basically, we need the biggest and the best data center in the country.”

This is how the team approached us in 2013, when they were choosing a supplier for their strategic decision: switch the existing practice of buying housing services to constructing their own data center.

Data volumes are growing at a rapid pace. We need to be able to respond to current trends. We must keep developing as the largest Czech search engine with news, a business directory, maps, and multimedia content.

Assignment Priorities

“Please come up with an offer for a secure and reliable data center for powering all the portals of our company,, with the option of developing the data center.”

Vlastimil Pečinka
Seznam, a.s.

  • Operational reliability
  • Operational safety
  • Low OPEX
  • Technological development possible
  • Company insurance

Altron offered a comprehensive turnkey project. And we won.

As a general contractor, Altron arranged the entire design and build using innovative technology.


Key features

  • Adapting the data center building to the technology and not vice versa:
    • optimal floor plans and layouts
    • separate high-security corridors
    • innovative cooling and power solutions
    • easier move to new space
  • Thanks to the optimal power and cooling concept, total energy costs have decreased by an average of 40 %.
  • The PUE (Energy Efficiency) target figure is 1.2 on average.
  • The data center is designed for future expansion without unnecessary additional investment, which helps ensure optimal future development.

Each project is a unique story of engineering that we created together with our client.

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