Complex supply of critical infrastructure, including datacentre cooling, power and IT parts of the solution. Critical infrastructure Critical Facility Management (CFM).

The DataSpring Company provides ICT services and solutions for corporate customers and clients of the KKCG Group. It has been offering its services since 2015 within its own infrastructure of the datacentre which was established in the Lužice county near to the town of Hodonín in South Moravia. The existing datacentre in Prague and call centre in the town of Kolín in Central Bohemia have been complemented by that latest expansion. It brings a wide scope of services based on a virtual private datacentre with a high level of security and supplementary services to the customers in the form of specialized support and consultations. Moreover, DataSpring  provides services in the field of analysis, data processing and business intelligence. The Lužice Datacentre was awarded Tier III certification. With its data room area of 313 m2, the new datacentre ranks among the most modern and effective energy saving datacentres in the Czech Republic.

The construction of the DataSpring Lužice datacentre was implemented by ALTRON in collaboration with the METROSTAV construction company and participated in the delivery of technological and ICT part of the whole solution. A full-scale delivery of the critical datacentre infrastructure formed a part of the project: complete technological units of cooling systems, power supply including stand-by supply system, all security systems including fire-fighting and all linked IT services ensuring smooth operation of the whole complex without outages. The next step brought implementation of the critical infrastructure management (CFM) to the fore.

About the Customer

The DataSpring company provides its innovative services and solutions to the corporate segment customers as well as within the KKCG Group. When operating its services at datacentres, KKCG places emphasis on the high level of operation productivity, the availability of services and security. Strategic and development projects requiring individual and sophisticated attitudes of the ICT provider are being implemented within the DataSpring Lužice datacentre.

The DataSpring company forms a part of KKCG private investment group with activities oriented on the development and acquisition of strategic portfolios in the fields of oil, industry or investments. The assets of nearly CZK 30 billion are managed by the KKCG Group with 1,500 employees in dozens of localities in 11 countries worldwide.

Starting Position

The datacentre in Lužice near Hodonín was established practically on a greenland, with the construction phase being finished in 2014. The commercial operation started one year later. The new building has been implemented in three consecutive units – the construction of the building (performed by several building companies), the provision of technical facilities (TZB) and the implementation of IT solutions. Selection procedures (tenders) were held during the construction phase just for supplies of the internal installations of the building, of the previously mentioned TZB fittings and IT equipment.

Three big players of the field took part  In the tender for the supply of TZB building services: ALTRON , Pronix and Brema. The selection of the supplier was in conformity with the law pertaining to public orders. The selection conditions of the supplier included predefined criteria, e.g. the price, delivery deadline, specified technical functionality and technical quality, while taking the economical profitability of the future operation into account. On the base of those conditions, the equipment was compared as per the indicator of their consumption. The ALTRON  solution best met the criteria and thus became the supplier of the technical buildings equipment (TZB) for the Lužice datacentre. The supply for the main building consisted of the delivery of the heating system, cooling, metering and regulation, air conditioning,  heavy current and light current technology equipment and standby supplies including oil management, etc. The technical TZB implementation was completed within 4 months without any problems, while the construction of the whole datacentre took 9 months. Another selection procedure dealt with the operation of the TZB solution itself which was won  by the ALTRON Company as well on the basis of authenticated knowledge and thanks to the price reduction of the operation.

The Lužice datacentre met the demanding criteria and was awarded Tier III certification in November by the Uptime Institute which guarantees the accessibility to 99,982%.

ALTRON Solutions and Services

The full-scale turn key delivery of the critical infrastructure of this datacentre has been implemented by the ALTRON - Metrostav syndicate. Through the selection of state-of-the-art technologies of those systems in combination with the selected architecture and use of the smart management of datacentre operation, substantial savings of planned operation costs and enhancement of the originally planned availability have been achieved. The following part of the project consisted of delivering the complex technological infrastructure of the datacentre including connected IT services, full-scale starting and checkout of all systems within all possible operation modes, including simulating operation under full datacentre load.

The overall datacentre floorage comes to 2,580 m2, of which the built-up area of the datacentre comprises more than 1,670 m2 including the area designated for outer installing technologies and the administrative part. The size of the data room itself comes to 320 m2. The total possible ICT output is 840 kW, enabling the installation of 82 data racks as a whole under the condition of the average output density of more than 10 kW for one rack.

The topology of the power supply system ensures the stable operation of the whole datacentre within all its operation modes and meets the requirements for service during operation without any impact on the ICT operation. All key technologies of the power supply system have been installed with the required redundancy. As the main power energy sources, extra low-loss transformers with the output of 2500kVA have been installed. The datacentre operation has been ensured against long-term power supply outages from the public distribution grid through diesel motor generators which enable the continual power supply for the whole operation for an unlimited time. The fully modular UPS stand-by power supply sources also enable the possibility of gradually installing output modules depending on the increase of ICT requirements and a very low level of losses, which without doubt contributes to the achievement of the total PUE index (Power Usage Effectivity) – 1,5.

 The cooling system consists of block cooling units using centrifugal superchargers technologies “Turbocor”. The system features the free liquid cooling in the winter period and adiabatic air pre-cooling in the summer time. The requirements of the non-outage operation are being met by the water cooling mains topology. The effective air distribution into the double floor is supplemented by the closed cold alleys.

 Entrance control systems, an electronic security system, a camera system, an early smoke detection system, an electronic fire-fighting system and metering and regulation systems have been incorporated into the whole datacentre space.

Aside from technological units, part of the solution consists of the remote monitoring from the ALTRON  monitoring centre within the 24x7 mode.

The individual solution implemented by ALTRON  for the DataSpring company was the Critical Facility Management (CFM). It is intended for the management and smooth operation of the critical infrastructure of the datacentre through the monitoring and pre-set service and operation plan. The CFM service involves complex facility management as well as critical facility management and the contract is valid for the period of 4 years.

Benefits and Advantages

By the datacentre establishment new trade opportunities for the provision of complex ICT services have been brought to the DataSpring company. The energy effective operation is being provided at the Lužice datacentre by the up-to-date technologies. It finds a positive reaction in prices of provided services and solutions. A high ICT output density relating to the datacentre flooring enables the implementation of the most demanding projects of external customers and within the KKCG Group.

“Thanks to the Critical Facility Management solution, the customer acquired the support for its datacentre operation along with the guarantee of high monitoring availability within the 24x7 mode and service operations defined in accordance with the specific SLAs.

The establishment of the new datacentre has been the part of our long-term strategy of the development of ICT services we provide to our customers. We have been looking for a reliable supplier who could ensure the smooth implementation in the field of technical logistics of the building and thus support the provision of our services to the end market. Our requirements have been met by the ALTRON company for the supplier of the critical infrastructure solution – UPS and gensets – and other datacentre segments. ALTRON  met our requirements and conditions defined within the selection procedure have been simply met by ALTRON ,” stated Mr. Peter Poulík, Operation Manager of the Lužice datacentre at the DataSpring company.

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