High-quality and comprehensive services help ensure reliability in a company's technical operations.

Our job is to understand how your business works, identify your needs, and find solutions to your problems. Therefore, we consider all aspects of your project, seeing it as a single unit.

We take a holistic approach to service provision and will provide you with everything you need.

Petr Ding
Director of Service Division

Basic Services

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  • General consultancy services
  • Technology consultancy
  • Strategy
  • Feasibility studies



  • Design
  • CFD modelling
  • Project documentation assessment
  • Supervision
  • Technical supervision



  • Installation
  • Start-up
  • Testing
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
  • SAT (Site Acceptance Test)
  • Trial operation
  • Project commissioning


Service and Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Failure service
  • Service plans
  • Operating personnel training


Investor Representation

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Investor representation guarantees timely completion, the proper quality of and a fixed price for the work. This way, investors can fully concentrate on their business activities and on managing priorities.

  • Project preparation and phasing
  • Design
  • Engineering activities
  • Contractor selection
  • Investor supervision
  • Supervision
  • Project management
  • Purchasing management or coordination or both
  • Acceptance testing
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Trial operation
  • Operational documentation
  • Definition of service provision and maintenance plan
  • Service organization selection



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The aim of certification is to eliminate risks and meet the expected parameters in terms of availability, operational efficiency, and OPEX optimization.

We analyze and check all key elements of your data center to determine compliance with defined industry standards, UPTIME Institute and ANSI/TIA-942. DC certification will establish whether the data center was constructed in accordance with the proposed plan, defined by certified project documentation, and whether it is operated in line with relevant standards and recommendations.

Certification verifies that the data center meets the requirements of defined availability, operation capacity and efficiency. It also checks whether the data center meets such requirements in terms of processes compliance and quality, management procedures and plans, operation, maintenance, personnel training, etc.

  • UPTIME Institute data center certification
  • ANSI/TIA-942 data center certification
  • UL3223 data center certification
  • ALTRON Best Practices data center certification


Critical Facility Management

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This service guarantees the maximum availability of a critical infrastructure, and the efficiency and quality of operation.

Service specification

  • Service Center 24 × 365
  • Control and management of all incidents (ticketing)
  • Change management; request and problem management
  • Central point of customer communication; capacity planning and management
  • Access via web portal, email, mobile application or telephone
  • Permanent remote supervision, call center


Center of Excellence

  • Operational managers with years of experience; certified maintenance engineers
  • Regular technology audits
  • Activity plans: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual; operational and escalation plans
  • Operational logs, event logs, training plans
  • Security procedures


Setting up and managing the basic activities of all operational facilities 24 × 365

Operational support, preventive maintenance and breakdown service


Subcontractors Management

The client remains the contract owner, and we work as the client’s agent.


  • Data centers: corporate, public administration, collocation, housing, hosting
  • Telecommunication nodes: MSC, BSC, peering centers


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