The duties of the electrician are mainly; support services, preventive maintenance and emergency call respond for electrical power systems related to mission critical physical infrastructure for the data centers  as UPSs, Generators, low voltage cabling and PDUs with capability to read blueprints, load schedule, single line diagram, manuals and datasheets.

Secondly; do the start-up services and installation works required for replacement the spare parts for the Gensets, UPSs and other electrical related components.

FSE must follow the National Electrical Codes, Authorities and comply with State and local building codes.








Required Technical Skills and Competencies:

Ability to:


Work Environment:

The electrician works in industrial environment installing, repairing and maintaining a variety of related electronic equipment, such as generators, UPSs, air conditioning units, VAVs…etc. may be under a non-ideal conditions and work may take place in cramped, dirty/dusty, cold, or hot conditions. Safety must be considered in dealing with electricity, flammable fuel lines and CFC chemicals. Also may have to fish wires through existing constructions. Respiratory precautions may also be taken because of exposure to dust and refrigeration chemicals.


Working Hours:


Work Coverage:


Contact person: HR Director – Pavel Šebek, +420 603 174 067

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