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Altrix Standard

Monitoring and control for server rooms, container (Edge DC) or rack (Stack DC) DC solutions. A comprehensive package of HW and SW enabling the integration of all technological components of the server room, their monitoring and – with the use of a separate module – also for their control.


The solution is based on a combination of a powerful intelligent HW concentrator with our own SW. An external touch screen (tablet) is connected via the web interface.

The entire solution enables remote administration, diagnostics and configuration, including upgrades and updates.

For advanced management and access to archived data, dedicated IT HW and SW can be integratedinto the solution either directly into the server room or container, or one dedicated IT HW and SW system in the local network or external SW in the cloud can be used for multiple server rooms or containers under capacity conditions and safe connection.


  • Unified monitoring and control system for all technological systems
  • Local advanced visualization (monitoring and control)
  • Self-diagnostics, auto-configuration, remote access and update
  • Easy service, replacement of individual blocks after training
  • Technology service support (diagnostics)
  • Operation profiling, scenarios, automatic transitions

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