Reliable products for the operation of critical infrastructure from renowned manufacturers or our development department. Ensure stable operation of your technologies and their optimal results.

UPS backup power supplies

Backup UPSs provide uninterrupted, stable power to the connected critical load. They protect your technologies and production processes from data damage or loss due to instability or power failure.


Batteries are energy stores for various power systems.

Rectifiers and Inverters

Rectifiers in combination with batteries are designed for uninterruptible power supply of appliances with the voltage of 24, 48, 110 or 220V DC. The inverters then enable the conversion of DC power to AC with single-phase or three-phase output.

19 “and 21” IT stands and accessories

Freestanding secure enclosures for integrating and storing mission-critical business applications, servers, and select power systems

ATS, STS switches and PDU busbars

controlled and monitored power distribution of critical load.

Motor generators

Backup power supply for various applications.

Cooling and Air conditioning

Ensuring and maintaining the required environmental parameters for the proper functioning of the installed technologies.

Cooling units

Cooling units

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