We design and supply innovative and highly efficient cooling systems, providing a suitable environment for ICT systems and similar sources of technological thermal gain. We represent a nice mix of the state-of-the-art technologies from the world’s leading manufacturers and our own innovative solutions. We create reliable, tailor-made systems that minimize the impact on the environment.



We supply and install resilient systems which use state-of-the-art cooling and distribution technology. These systems are designed for industries and sectors that require guaranteed thermal conditions for information, telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, medical and other critical systems.

Eco-friendly and efficient

We supply environmentally friendly and energy efficient cooling solutions with the lowest possible PUE, which ensure sustainability, minimize the carbon footprint and comply with the latest EU directives on environmental targets and carbon reduction.

Simulations and calculations

Air and fluid flow characteristics can become extremely unpredictable when combined with temperature fluctuations and other external factors. The consequences of these types of dynamic flows can create a chaotic environment that, if not controlled, can adversely affect the operation of critical systems. We use modern methods of simulation and computational modeling (CFD) in order to identify, predict and mitigate potential problems.


Thanks to the expertise and experience of our engineers, we provide our customers robust and durable tailor-made cooling systems with guaranteed availability and safety, and appropriate redundancy.


  • Precision air conditioning systems (DX, CW, combined systems)
  • Residental air conditioning systems (Split, VRV)
  • Economizers (air, liquid, refrigerant)
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Direct liquid cooling systems
  • Ventilation systems for fresh air (including VAV)
  • Ventilation systems for fire and fire extinguishing systems
  • Humidification and dehumidification systems
  • Adiabatic systems
  • Refrigerant and other liquid or gas leak detection systems

It’s time for a professional solution

Find out what we can do for you and shape your IT future with us. We have been a leading supplier of data technology for 30 years.

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