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Altrix Premium

Management and monitoring for data centers and complex technological sets. Modular solution, tailored to the customer’s needs, combines SW and HW components. Basic layer for the subsequent digitization of administrative processes in buildings and large areas, which uses complex SCADA and CAFM systems.


The basic component is ALTRIX Infrastructure Monitoring, which integrates monitoring of critical infrastructure and additional sources of sensory data. Provides an instant overview of technology status, security, environmental sensors and other support systems. It allows reverse analysis of all data and events and interoperability with other systems.

The ALTRIXControl System module is an extension of the primary control systems of individual infrastructure components, which enables task automation, control optimization, profiling of operating parameters (parameter sets and their settings) and creation of operating scenarios (test, fault, summer, winter, etc.).

The solution can be supplemented with the ALTRIX Data Colector module in the form of AVEVA Edge – HMI / Scada software for subsequent digitization of administrative processes in buildings and large areas. The whole solution can be supplemented with a suitable CAFM system.


  • Generates higher availability of critical infrastructure
  • Contributes to the optimization of operating costs
  • Easy integration
  • Compliance with processes and certification (eg ITIL)
  • Personalized control of the entire system
  • Openness and security of the solution
  • System expansion and upgrade at full operation
  • Supports rapid deployment and testing of new solutions
  • Supports mandatory quantities monitoring processes
  • Supports modular systems topology, high availability systems, auto-diagnostics of communication networks
  • Easy service, replacement of individual blocks after training
  • Operation profiling, scenarios, automatic transitions


  • A modern system with a Linux kernel
  • Container solution, possibility to run several IT and nonIT applications
  • Universal communication interface (REST API, MODBUS, OCP, SNMP, OPEN MATRIX, HTTPS)
  • Advanced PLC functions including energy measurements and automatic phasing
  • Protected autonomous functionality – in case of failure of superior systems or human error
  • Self-diagnostics, auto-configuration, remote access and update
  • Unlimited number of connected sensors
  • Allows deployment on various platforms such as Linux or Windows, or DB SQL, Oracle or MySQL.

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