Data centers

Audit & Certification

The aim of the audit and certification is to eliminate risks in terms of assessing the achievement of the expected parameters in the area of accessibility and efficiency of operation. We analyze and inspect the data center as a whole and all of its key elements to determine compliance with defined industry standards such as the Uptime Institute Tier Classification System and ANSI / TIA-942.


Mission Critical Facility Assessment

The audit and/or certification process of the mission critical facility is designed to assess the whole facility as well as all systems and components, and their configuration. These are mainly critical components such as cooling systems, UPS, motor generators and LV / MV distribution. In addition, BMS systems, monitoring and DCIM or fire and physical security systems are also assessed. In order to ensure a comprehensive and complete view of the mission critical facility, we also evaluate the structural elements (building), operation processes and procedures and the maintenance contracts.

Environment and Tools

During the data center or Mission Critical Facility audit, environmental measurements are performed to assess thermal characteristics and identify opportunities for improvement. If a more detailed assessment is required, the measurement can be extended to data flow modeling (CFD), where it is possible to simulate operational scenarios, faults and related changes in the dynamic thermal load of the space for individual operating conditions.

Industry Standards

Any certification determine whether facility was designed, built or operated or all in accordance with the proposed parameters defined by the certification body. The certification verifies that the facility is able to meet the requirements for defined availability, capacity and efficiency of operation, compliance and quality of processes, procedures and plans for management, operation, maintenance, staff training, etc. Our experts can identify gaps according to the relevant standards, define remedy and plan for recovery.

Evaluation and Recommendation

The facility audit identifies all potential problems in the mission critical facility operation, related risks, including recommendations for their reduction. The audit also formulates a detailed assessment of the burden on the space and current energy consumption along with recommendations for possible improvements to operational efficiency and reliability.


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