Data centers

Professional Services

Professional services complement our core product portfolio with services that guarantee effective advisory at all stages of your critical infrastructure life cycle. Altron consultants will guide you through from strategy and capacity planning, to preliminary feasibility study to testing and commissioning, and handover to DC operation.


Engineering Services

Making use of our services such as audit and feasibility assessment will allow you to maximize benefits in the early stages of the project. Services related to project commissioning and testing will allow you to eliminate the weak spots during the final phase of the project. In this way, we can ensure an adequate return on investment (ROI).


Our large team of consultants including Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Specialist and Designer provide full scale design engineering documentation and technical studies. We also prepare plans for testing and commissionin in accordance with an internationally recognized methodology. Altron Best practise is well proven and benchmarked on hundreds of similar projects.


  • Effective support at any stage of the project
  • Unparalled experience of expert consultant and yet practical engineer with handson skills
  • Developed bespoke engineering practise specific for DC industry
  • Service oriented approach to deliver value add to client

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