We are the number one supplier of data centers and technological infrastructure on the Czech market

For 30 years, we have been theCzech number one supplier of data centers and technological infrastructure for critical business applications on the Czech market. With a number of globally successful products and services under our belt, we are able to meet the needs of our clients in the commercial sphere as well as the public sector with great flexibility.

Defining new standards

The data world is moving forward with our innovations. We develop products based on expert know-how and chances are, we’ve worked in your area too. Join us in a new era of critical infrastructure with no limits.

Determination and expertise

We invent, technologically design, deliver and service solutions, made possible by our own research and development centre as well as a team of dedicated top experts. We listen carefully to the customer and first of all try to understand the challenge they face.

Our achievements

Social Responsibility

We are always aware of our surroundings and we never forget about social responsibility. We actively support technology education for young people and as well as the Cystic Fibrosis Patients’ Club.

Kolo pro Adama

The Kolo pro Adama bike challenge helps raise funds for special bikes for the disabled. Anyone can get involved, anywhere in the world.

Klub cystické fibrózy

As a general partner, we have been supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Patients’ Club from the very beginning. The organization makes life easier for patients with both financial and information services.

Responsibility and vision

Who we are today reflects the values we have made over the last three decades along with the ever-growing empathy for our surroundings. In the future, we shall remain the same as we are today: with a vision of innovative solutions and approaches.

Milivoj Uzelac, Founder


Want to work with the best? With us, you can do just that. We are always looking for new faces to expand our expert team and help us build a digital future. It’s up to you what we can achieve together.