About us

We are leaders in the high-end data center services industry

About us

We are the number one supplier in the Czech Republic of data centers and technology infrastructure for critical business applications.


  • We design, implement and service technological solutions. We also offer consultancy services, studies and project documentation for all stages; project preparation and implementation; project management; testing and trial operation; preventive maintenance and breakdown service; certification; expert opinions; and audits.
  • Our solutions for data centers cover all types: standalone objects, mobile (container) data centers, mini data centers (server rooms), and micro data centers (racks).
  • We create and implement solutions for electric power supply, including backup and replacement power supply; cooling, ventilation and heat removal; comprehensive monitoring and management of technologies; fire and physical security; and network and physical infrastructure.
  • Naturally, the high-quality products of global manufacturers are used in our project. Such manufacturers include Schneider Electric, ABB, Vertiv, Stulz, Tecnair, Visa, Catterpilar, Fiamm, Enersys, Huawei, Siemens, Wago, Conteg, Triton, Rittal etc.
  • We develop our own products based on our customers’ specific needs and requirements.
  • Our many areas of business include telecommunications, energy, transport and logistics, industry, banking, insurance, state administration, military, government ministries, and the security services.


1991Company is established

1992UPS supply to all branches of KB bank

1993Branch opens in Slovakia

1995First delivery of comprehensive backup power system

1997Development and implementation of the first version of Aimon monitoring

1999First commercial DC built to TIER III standard

2001Supply of diesel aggregates to the Oscar mobile network operator

2003Supply of backup power to the Pegas mobile network operator

2005First backup power supply project abroad (Russia)

2008First Mobile DC is delivered

2011Branch opens in United Arab Emirates

2013Branch opens in Oman

2015First Micro DC is delivered

2017First version of Cloud Management Platform is developed and implemented

2019First version of IoT Platform is developed and implemented



Customer satisfaction is our most important goal. You provide the assignment and we provide the result. We simplify the process as much as possible, so that it is transparent, fast, efficient and – ultimately – the perfect solution for you.


Keeping up with the latest developments is crucial in our industry. Since 2013, we have been operating our innovation center, where we develop new solutions for the most demanding clients.


We are always analyzing our processes. We monitor their effectiveness and constantly improve what we do. We look at problems from multiple perspectives, so we think like you, our clients and fellow business owners.


We think about the world that we are leaving to our children. That is why we propose the most environmentally-responsible solutions available. We meet the ISO 14000 standard and show that efficient and economical solutions can protect the environment too.

The society in which we live matters to us. Social responsibility is therefore an important part of what we do. We are committed to the technical education of young people, and support an organization supporting cystic fibrosis sufferers, contributing where needed.

What we are today is based on being wise and developing empathy for those around use.

Antonín Hemmer
Security Director


ALTRON is undergoing dynamic development both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and is involved in a huge number of interesting projects. We are constantly looking for suitably-qualified professionals to help us develop our projects. Our goal is to permanently foster a long-term successful team that will be appreciated not only by our customers but also by you.

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For the media

Please use our company logo and brand only in the authorized format. Any modifications or adjustments to the brand or logo, or changing the graphic and brand colors, are prohibited.

Should you require help with the correct use of the Altron logo, we would be happy to assist you.



We hold a number of important certifications for data centers, security, ICT, and business processes.


  • When implementing our solutions and services in data center construction and operation, we follow international standards: TUI, TIA EIA 949, LEED, CNET, and DCD.
  • In designing our solutions, we focus on the best relationship between key parameters: TIER (data center availability), PUE (energy efficiency), and TCO (total project costs, including subsequent operation).
  • We are a member of the US Green Building Council, SEWA, the ICT Union, and many others.
  • Our teams include experts with Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer or Specialist and CDCDP international certifications.

Development Projects Supported by EU funding


Altron, a. s. has implemented or is currently implementing the following projects supported by the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness.


  • New generation of cutting-edge control systems for Data Centers

    Innovative holistic approach to both IT and non-IT technology. This includes implementation of automatic control mechanisms and redefinition of the current processes of designing and operating data centers, using R&D results.

  • Smart systems for operational infrastructure monitoring  is co-financed by the European Union.

    The project involves designing new, practical methods for developing reliable and secure monitoring systems that efficiently use the necessary communication sources, including the smart network system. The project practically applies concepts such as Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

  • Advanced WWTP 4.0 Management System is co-financed by the European Union.

    This is a pilot project for advanced management of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), in which four companies are involved. The result will be a prototype of an advanced WWTP management system deployed for both conventional and modern programmable logic controllers used in management systems.

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