Data centers

Testing & Commissioning

Data center testing and commissioning includes a wide range of services necessarily linked to expert knowledge of the dynamic environment of modern data centers. We perceive the data center not only as a whole, but we understand the interaction of individual critical systems and their interdependencies.



All core data products for center testing and commissioning, such as Systems Acceptance Testing (SAT) and Integrated Systems Testing (IST), have a clearly defined scope and plan for each process and its sequences.

SAT is primarily used to verify that the device has been installed correctly; in accordance with the project documentation and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Further, its functioning and performance is tested in accordance with the proposed load, and possibly also overload.

IST is used to test the data center as a comprehensive system. With IST, the data center is assessed for all the basic parameters of its design (project documentation), especially in terms of performance, serviceability and fault tolerance. IST is the foundation of confidence in the future proper functioning of each data center in all operational states.

Planning in Design phase

Comprehensive planning, testing preparation and commissioning of the data center begins at the conceptual design stage to minimize associated risks. Conceptual design must ensure to define right parameters that the individual infrastructure components work together efficiently and effectively in order to build a coordinated complex system rather than independent components.


  • Systems Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Integrated Systems Testing (IST)
  • Systems Switching and Fault Simulation
  • Data Monitoring, Recording and Reporting
  • Test Script Development
  • Programme Sequencing
  • Dependency Management
  • Witnessing & Supervision
  • Comprehensive Reporting


  • Less Unplanned Downtime and Fewer Repairs
  • Informed Workforce
  • For maximum data center availability, all critical systems – power, cooling and IT infrastructure – must function together as a fully integrated system

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