Data center certification is a service that analyzes and controls all key elements of your data center so as to ensure compliance with defined industry standards such as UPTIME Institute, ANSI/TIA-942 and more. If you wish to have your business infrastructure under control, you need to have objective, independent assessments thereof.


  • UPTIME Institute data center certification
  • ANSI/TIA-942 data center certification
  • UL3223 data center certification
  • ALTRON Best Practices data center certification

Key features

  • Provided you invest a large amount of money into building a new data center, you want to be sure that the proposed solution fulfills all your requirements for performance and availability.  This is so it fulfils the goals in your business plan.  The proposed solution must meanwhile eliminate risk, guarantee efficient operations and optimize operating costs, and meet the assumptions for anticipated ROI.
  • Certification of an already-completed data center guarantees that it was built in compliance with the proposed plan and with defined and certified project documentation. It verifies that the center is able to fulfil requirements for defined availability, capacity and operations efficiency.  The building procedure and gradual modifications and changes to project documentation can change the parameters of your project such that it is unable to deliver on its expected utility value.
  • Data center operators want to eliminate operational risks and ensure maximum operational efficiency and optimal operating costs.  Certification of data center operations evaluates, in addition to its parameters, also adherence to and quality of processes, procedures and plans for management, operations, maintenance, personnel training, etc. The objective is to eliminate risks related to the human factor and to achieve expected parameters in the areas of availability, operational efficiency and optimization of operating costs.
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