Name change of our key modular data center products. A number of improvements in development.


The idea of modular data centers as a standardized and quickly delivered solution is gaining popularity in both the private and public sectors. In order to manage the growth of these products as efficiently as possible, we decided to create a specialized division, Altron Modular, which takes over the sale of prefabricated systems in international markets. 


Building on extensive experience in the sale of data centers, especially in the Middle East, Milivoj Uzelac Jr. was appointed to head the new Altron Modular department. Prefab data centers have become an integral part of our offer thanks to fast delivery and reduced TCO. In the markets we focus on – EMEA – European quality and know-how is our huge advantage. For instance, this is one of the reasons why the Sharjah e-government in the United Arab Emirates has already built two data centers with us,” Uzelac describes the areas with high interest in modular data centers. However, he and his team will focus not only on their sale, but also the development of future product generations. 


*Milivoj Uzelac Jr., director of the Altron Modular division


No changes for the Czech market 

The Altron Modular division was established primarily with focus on the effective development of foreign markets and the specialized development of prefabricated data centers. Nothing changes for existing and new customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Altron has been cooperating with companies and organizations to implement large data center projects for thirty years, and we consider the business contacts that have been established at home to be crucial. 

Altron, The parent company, as well as established business contacts remain the supplier of modular data centers for Czechia and Slovakia. Thanks to our knowledge of the local environment, it is crucial to preserve this model,”

Altron Vice President Miloš Macúch explains the unchanging situation surrounding domestic customers. There is, however, one change that will be reflected in the Czech Republic as well. These are changes to the names of key products that customers know as Mobile and Micro DC. 


*Miloš Macúch, vice president and member of the board of directors


Mobile DC turns into EdgeDC 

Edge applications need to be as close as possible to users in the actual place of computing power. To bring the perception of the device closer to the information technology ecosystem, we renamed our traditional Mobile DC to EdgeDC. 

  However, the new name is not the only modification prepared for this key product. Together with Peter Ding’s technical division, Altron Modular is also preparing design, architecture and performance changes. A series of enhancements currently in development for the third-generation EdgeDC will bring substantial changes to address current customer needs across segments. 

“In 2001, we sent the first generation module to Kosovo, where it enabled the immediate restoration of telecommunications services. The second generation is currently in circulation as one of our most sought after products. With the third generation, we focused on higher performance and improvement of physical parameters,” adds Milivoj Uzelac Jr., addressing the individual generations of EdgeDC. 

In addition, the module is also improved aesthetically in order to match the advanced technologies it will contain. The change in design is reflected in higher resistance, thanks to which we are able to offer a 20-year steel structure warranty. 


*third generation EdgeDC data center


Micro DC turns into StackDC 

Originally a micro data center, StackDC is the smallest of the modular data center product family. StackDC integrates cooling, power, control, monitoring systems in one secure rack. It can be put into operation within a few hours and fully supports unattended operation thanks to self-diagnosis and other unique functions. 

  “Just as in the case of EdgeDC, we are working on a new version with improved parameters of all systems, including modularity at the level of individual components,” Uzelac explains the direction of the new generation’s development. 

Here’s the news: CoreDC 

The EdgeDC prefab data center is a module that can be easily transported to its destination and quickly put into operation. But what to do when the performance of one is not enough? 

 The new CoreDC solution allows for these modules to be assembled into a significantly larger data center while maintaining all the advantages of modularity. The individual pre-fabricated CoreDC modules are simply loaded, transported and assembled together at the destination. 

 For instance, one of the advantages is the reduction of risks associated with technological construction, the reduction of total costs and the standardization of procedures in all phases of the project, including operation. 

 Model customers are telecommunications companies, data center service providers and major infrastructure businesses constantly increasing capacity. 

 “The capacity of The CoreDC solution can be quickly and efficiently increased by adding additional IT modules to the original center without limiting existing operations. The system is scalable, modular but also recyclable. We can dismantle it, add new, improved components or use it for a new purpose,” Milivoj Uzelac describes the way in which this type of data center is expanded. 

 The system is designed so that it can be built into a medium-sized data center offering IT performance ranging from hundreds to thousands of kW. Compared to the traditional solution, its construction is up to 70% faster. 

*visualization of the CoreDC data center


To learn more about the new modular data center solutions, visit the Altron Modular website. You can also find information on our main website. Alternatively, our sales representatives will be happy to provide you with all necessary information. 

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