The Technological Status of Datacentres in the Czech Republic based on Summer 2016 research.

  • Overview of operators and suppliers of datacentres in the Czech Republic
  • Technology overview of Czech datacentres
  • Analysis by Altron based on best-practices and research

The Altron Company, which has dedicated themselves to building, constructing and operating datacentres for 25 years, has prepared an infographic focusing on the state of the technology at datacentres in the Czech Republic. Just last year, several greenfields were opened, while others have been modernized, and this year more projects will be completed.

Czech datacentres have arisen for hosting services and for corporate customers who operate large-scale information systems, cloud services and applications. On average, one datacentre with an area of over 250 mis built every year in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, a number of smaller technological premises are appearing, whether renovations and expansion of existing spaces, or creating entirely new ones. The use of EU subsidies has played a role in this, as has the need for operators to modernize and expand capacity to operate ICT technology. The demands on IT infrastructure performance continue to grow and new services and applications are being developed, particularly hybrid cloud solutions. Virtually no field of business can get by without flexible and fast IT.

Increasing IT performance requires reliable power and cooling. Therefore, classic direct vaporization and increasing the proportion of free-cooling (cooling water) are chosen the most, especially in light of the requirements for higher efficiency and reduced environmental burden caused by operating datacentres. “The availability and power supply according to the Tier category mostly appear at the basic level, especially in small server rooms. For hosting large corporate centres and for reasons of safety and uninterruptible operation, we recommend that technology meets Tier III and IV standards,” said Peter Ding, Chief Technical Director at Altron.

From a geographic perspective, it is not surprising that most datacentres are located in Prague, home to many companies in need of processing and storing their data. With the inclusion of data from corporate datacentres and hosting, it can be deduced that the largest workload of recorded datacentres are in Prague, Brno and other major towns of the Czech Republic, which were also co-financed from EU funds. Datacentres are built on a greenfield or refurbished from existing premises outside the main interests of customers. Growth of utilization in small towns is more gradual than in big cities.

Five Technological Trends of Datacentres in the Czech Republic:

  1. Datacentres are concentrated mainly in Prague (62%)
  2. Annually servers will be added the most (from 20 to 40)
  3. Direct vapour is the most frequently used coolant for cooling systems (DX - Direct Expansion)
  4. Average datacentre output is up to 250 KW (up to 85% of datacentres)
  5. Datacentres most frequently reach the TIER I standard (60% of all datacentres)

More detailed statistics can be found in the attached infographic.

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