Altron has partnered with Nlyte Software, the world's leading manufacturer of software for managing and operating datacentres.

  • Altron is the integration Nlyte partner for the EMEA
  • System integration solutions for datacentre management (DCIM)
  • The first orders throughout the region are already under preparation

Altron has partnered with Nlyte Software, the world's leading manufacturer of software for managing and operating datacentres (Data Centre Management System - DCIM). By taking this step, Altron has become the exclusive partner for system integration solutions for the entire European and Middle Eastern (EMEA) regions and expanded its portfolio of solutions and services for datacentres.

As part of the cooperation, the Altron Company realises complete system integration of the entire Nlyte solution with customers, while utilizing their many years of experience designing, constructing and operating datacentres and related services. This makes it possible to propose optimal solutions and DCIM integration to existing and new customers, regardless of the geographic location of the datacentre.

The Nlyte solution, which Altron will integrate into their datacentres, enables complete management of all non-IT resources, capacity planning, service, connections to other systems and tools, and is primarily an effective resource for using available resources of the datacentre. Of course there is a connection to other systems and especially tools for effectively using the available resources of the datacentre. The advantage is the possibility of individualizing Altron’s solutions according to the current operational and business needs.Datacentre operators can easily plan investments and utilise their technology infrastructure and its future development, all while saving time.

"We are pleased that we have joined the leader in the field. Cooperation with Nlyte opens up new possibilities in the field of modern management solutions for the technological infrastructure of datacentres, expanding our portfolio of services and solutions for our customers. A common approach from the start yields results in the form of open opportunities and contracts across the EMEA region," commented Stanislav Stejskal, CEO of Altron.

„Altron is a proven leader in helping companies to be successful deploying IT solutions,” said Moshe Benjo, Nlyte’s Head of EMEA Sales. “Partnerships with regional leaders like Altron who are able to provide a dedicated approach are critical as we continue to expand our European footprint. We look forward to partnering with Altron and jointly assisting customers to increase the efficiency and value they receive from their data centres.“

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