A quick analysis of customer datacentres or server room status. Based on their unique methodology and taking advantage of the experience of senior datacentre specialists.

ALTRON has been engaged in designing, establishing and operating a datacentre and server rooms for 25 years already. On the basis of this experience, the new service Altron Q-Check is being introduced, which is designed for datacentre or server room operators regardless of their size. The service is based on ALTRON’s own unique methodology and includes rapid and basic analysis directly at the datacentre. The status of the datacentre or server room supporting the technological equipment is assessed with the help of standardized tools and the experience of senior ALTRON specialists. The results of this analysis are delivered to customers within a couple of days in a simple and transparent form. The service also includes a list of risks which have been ascertained and proposals for measures which would lead to optimizing operations from the point of view of cooling, power supply, area utilization and physical protection.

“The new service Datacentre Q-Check represents a rapid and brief source of information for customers about the health of a datacentre or server room. The data can be then effectively used for standard and full-fledged audits of key technological areas,” said Petr Ding, ALTRON Technical Director.

The new ALTRON Datacentre Q-Check service is available to customers worldwide. It costs CZK 36,000,- in the Czech Republic.

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