The largest meeting oriented on the availability of datacentres in the Czech Republic takes place on November, 18 in Prague at the Žofín Palace. ALTRON belongs to Veeam prominent partners.

ALTRON has been collaborating with the Veeam Company for long time, especially in the field of backup solutions for cloud and virtualization of IT environment and company customers. Through its ALTRON Business Solutions Division, the ALTRON Company is one of the holders of Veeam Gold in the Czech Republic, the highest level of partnership. In view of this fact, ALTRON became a golden partner of the largest event aimed at the datacentre availability – the VeeamON Forum, which takes place on 18 November at Žofín Palace in Prague. This event is connected to the VeeamON world conference, which was held in Las Vegas recently. Their own unique ICT solutions and system integration based on Veeam products will be presented by the ALTRON Company at the Prague forum.

“The strategy of cloud services and their backup forms an important part of our ICT services portfolio. As an independent system integrator, which builds also on its own software development, we collaborate with our partners on IT solutions which will help our customers develop their businesses, while ensuring security and availability of critical data at the same time“, said Mr. Zbyněk Juřena, ALTRON Business Solutions Director. “Thanks to successful and long-term cooperation with the Veeam Company, we will take active part in an important event, which undoubtedly the VeeamOn Forum in Prague is“, Mr. Juřena added.

Customer registration and more information about VeeamOn Forum event is available on the conference website.

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