Altron has developed its own Microdata Centre, which provides a gateway to the world of predictable “bricks and mortar” datacentres. This new solution has been designed at the ALTRON Innovation Lab and embodies unique technologies enabling full-scale operation of corporate IT for middle-sized companies or as Branch and Disaster Recovery solution for corporate customers. As in the case of classic large datacentres, the ALTRON Micro datacentre includes the standard delivery of ALTRON Monitoring.

Unique coupling of IT and non-IT technologies

ALTRON has combined its experience from implementing more than 340 datacentres worldwide with its expertise in software development and IT services, giving rise to a reliable and safe solution with a consumption of up to 3,5 kW of IT output with its own stand-by supply, security components and permanent monitoring of all segments of the entire Microdata centre. There is absolutely no need for any special premises or installation of power distribution; a classic office environment or customer server room meets the requirements of the collocation of a Micro datacentre in a full scale.

“Further development of modular Microdata Centres represents one of our current main priorities. It relates to a great demand for quality, standardized ICT solutions on the market. Such solutions are often sought after by larger companies for their branches and SMB customers and as a simple and available solution for all their ICT needs. Our all-in-one Microdata Centres solves their requirements swiftly and effectively, while enabling the ability to maintain the anticipated availability of ICT services in the form of permanent monitoring. We’ve received great demand for this product from European as well as Middle-Eastern markets,” said Jiří Krátký, CEO of ALTRON Group.

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