Altron has recently launched a new project on innovation in datacentres, IT services and solutions. The ALTRON Innovation LAB is focused on concrete development of brand-new and timeless products and solutions, while creating added value and new functions to existing services portfolios. The third purpose rests in developing internal solutions and tools supporting flexibility and agile processes within the ALTRON Group.

Smart ICT Systems

Within the development of innovative projects, the ALTRON Innovation LAB focuses its attention on specific IT and non-IT solutions connected with operating datacentres. It builds on more than twenty years’ experience with designing, establishing and operating data centres, interconnecting them with latest available technologies. Development projects are dedicated to new technologies and in-house development of new smart IT monitoring systems, applications for ICT management and mobile applications.

“We’ve put great expectations and investments into our new Innovation LAB. Many new services and products are under way for our customers which will support their business and enable datacentres operations not only for Czech customers, but within our international projects as well. We think realistically, eanbling our innovation centre to develop economically meaningful projects required by the market or which will expect within the generation change of the IT world,” said Jiří Krátký, CEO of ALTRON Group.

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