Delivery of five fully-equipped micro datacentres for the Emirate of Sharjah (UAE). A unique private cloud solution including customer support.

  • Delivery of microdata centres for the Emirate of Sharjah including IT equipment
  • Five fully equipped ALTRON micro datacentres of Department version
  • Integration with a modular mobile datacentre into a private cloud concept
  • Order worth tens of millions of CZK
  • Customer support including service

ALTRON is implementing an international project from the government of the the Emirate of Sharjah, which is the third largest member state of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Five complete micro datacentres will be delivered by the ALTRON to the government body that is implementing local e-Government projects which will collaborate with central government datacentre of the Emirate of Sharjah. The central datacentre is based on the ALTRON modular mobile datacentre launched in June 2015. Along with the micro datacentres, a unique private cloud solution will be created. Besides the previously-mentioned datacentres and non-IT and ALTRON monitoring, the delivery includes comprehensive IT technologies and follow-up service and customer support. The order value amounts to tens of millions of Czech Crowns (CZK).

“The new project for the ALTRON microdata centre solution is a clear evidence for us that innovation and in-house development are the right path for our company,” said Jiří Krátký, ALTRON Group CEO. “International customers appreciate our active and individualized attitude towards solving their needs in the ICT area supporting their projects and business. The implementation of an order for the the Emirate of Sharjah government concerns the development of public administration computerisation in the region we have been doing successful business and implementing our projects for four years already,” added Milivoj Uzlac Jr.

The microdata centre has been designed and developed by the ALTRON Group Innovation Lab and is designed for complete operation of company IT of middle-sized companies or branch solutions for corporate customers and public administration institutions. More than twenty years of experience with design, implementation, datacentre operation and IT solutions have been materialized within the preparation process of this solution by the ALTRON Company. The operation of applications and systems connected with e-Government in the Emirate of Sharjah will be provided by the Department option selected. All necessary applications for authorities and end-users with minimum operation demands will be pursuable thanks to high IT output, the software defined storage site and full-scale monitoring and control.

The order for ALTRON microdata centre for the Emirate of Sharjah is being implemented in the first quarter of this year.

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