Mobile data center for the Homolka Hospital

Container data center as a backup system for the operation of IT services.
data center type
45 kw
IT capacity
ICT racks
12 weeks
fast delivery time

Client needs

The digitalisation of healthcare presents a number of challenges that both hospitals and doctors and patients face. The increasing use of data brings a new level of efficiency as well as risks that need to be eliminated. Prague’s Na Homolce Hospital has decided to ensure high reliability and security of the data infrastructure with the help of a new data center with high requirements for the quality of delivery and technical parameters.

Government institutions and private companies alike suffer from a lack of space in existing buildings more and more often. The proposed Mobile DC solution solves this problem without major construction interventions.

Petr Hrách / data centers expert

Specifika projektu

With new demands on both data availability and online security, Czech hospitals are increasingly addressing the reliability and security of their data infrastructure.

The public tender, announced by Na Homolce Hospital in 2021, was looking for a way to add the necessary IT capacities and ensure the necessary accessibility and efficiency. The goal was to find a reliable backup system for IT operations with a high degree of security and the possibility of expansion in effective time, if necessary.

Altron has designed the Mobile DC container data center model, which is the ideal backup system solution for operation in a variety of conditions and can be modularly expanded as needed without the need for major construction interventions.

Key parameters

  • The MDC30 model has an output of 45 kW and contains 6 racks for mounting technologies on linear drives for easy ICT installation.
  • Cooling by means of roof units using direct DX evaporation and freecooling mode.
  • The target PUE (energy efficiency) value is 1.2 on average.
  • High degree of physical security with the possibility of extension to other security systems.


Altron Mobile DC

The Mobile Container Data Center (Mobile DC) is a new generation solution that integrates backup power, cooling and security systems with the possibility of self-configuration. It is an effective alternative to classic construction which maintains operational properties.

Výhody Mobile DC

Its main benefits include low operating costs, extremely high energy efficiency, scalability and fast 12-week delivery. Mobile DC solves challenges with the deployment of data centers in a very short time and in locations where a traditional server room is not suitable.


With the new Mobile DC, the hospital is more resilient to security threats and can restore critical infrastructure operations in an accelerated time in the event of an attack or failure of existing systems. The container data center can be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to increase security according to customer needs.

Fast delivery and mobility

Data center construction is a long-term process with a higher rate of costs. The container data center is an ideal solution for locations where classic construction is complicated or in situations where a solution is required in a short time. With the pre-configured and factory-tested Mobile DC, it is a flexible solution that can be commissioned in just twelve weeks.

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