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Complex construction of a turnkey data center for the Czech internet leader.
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Project specifics

For many years now, Seznam has not only been the most popular domestic portal and search engine. The range of services it offers is growing and today there are over thirty. Most of them are managed by the company in-house. With regard to the acceleration of the development of the offered services and the rapid growth of data, Seznam approached us in 2013 with the idea of building their own data center in order to complement the current practice of purchasing housing services.

“The Kokura data center project is based on the idea of operational efficiency, both in terms of electricity consumption and staffing requirements.”

Marek Leš / data center manager Seznam

Key parameters

We have been cooperating with the investor on the data center construction project from the very beginning. From the initial study through project documentation to implementation, including test operation and subsequent operational support.

The scalable data center infrastructure was designed using our own innovative products in combination with products from renowned global manufacturers.

For the first time in the Czech Republic, this project used the technology of indirect air free-cooling with adiabatic pre-cooling developed by our company specifically for this project. In this way, we managed to meet the investor’s requirements for innovative solutions and at the same time enabled him to achieve maximum operational efficiency..’

Key parameters

  • The topology of the data center building was designed to suit the technological infrastructure: optimal floor plans and layouts, optimal communication and logistics routes, separate corridors with high security, high usable flexibility and space variability.
  • Thanks to the concept of unique cooling and optimized power supply, annual energy costs decreased by an average of 40% compared to similar data centers in the Czech Republic.
  • The target value for PUE (energy efficiency) is 1.2 on average.
  • The solution enabled a complete omission of raised floors and the associated complex distribution of cold in the halls.



We have developed a special system of indirect air free-cooling with adiabatic pre-cooling. A unique system of cooling with outdoor air, thanks to which the standard compressor system is offline 95% of the time. It is an integral part and supports 100% of the data center’s performance capacity.

Benefits of Mobile DC

The Modular Multifeet Architecture system uses low-loss transformers. In combination with the cooling system, the resulting parameter of the total annual PUE (Power Usage Effectivity) reaches an operating value of less than 1.2.


AIMON monitoring system, which enables redundant remote monitoring from our center simultaneously with monitoring service by the customer.

Solutions for the future

The addition of their own data center to the housing services from commercial providers gave the investor a major competitive advantage in terms of sufficient capacity for the reliable operation of existing services. It also created space for the development of the company and its services in the future. At the same time, we managed to ensure optimal availability of applications while achieving a cost-optimal solution for the total capacity of the data center.

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