If you would like to do away with concerns related to your Data Center operations, we will gladly take on responsibility for its operations.  The Critical Facility Management (CFM) service guarantees maximum possible availability and effectiveness, permanent reduction of operating costs and guarantee of expected quality of operations. We have 25 years of experience and a successful history in the field of data centers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, in Europe and in the Middle East.  This has enabled us to create a unique methodology for CFM services and a Center of Excellence. Today, we can offer our customers scalable services, created exactly according to their defined needs.

Service specifications

The CFM service consists of four basic components:

24 × 365 service center

  • inventory and management of all incidents (Ticketing)
  • change management, handling of requirements and problems
  • central sport for communications with customers
  • central point for planning and capacity management
  • access via portal, email, mobile app or phone
  • continuous remote supervision (monitoring)
  • Call center

Center of Excellence

  • operations managers with long-term experience
  • service technicians with certifications for individual technologies, regular operational audits
  • activity plans – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual
  • operational and escalation plans
  • operational diaries, event logs
  • training plans – internal, external
  • security procedures
  • Ensuring and managing basic activities, 24 × 365

Operational support, preventive maintenance, repair services

  • air treatment technologies and cooling
  • distributors for air treatment technologies and cooling
  • constant electricity power source
  • control features (MaR)
  • monitoring
  • physical security and fire-safety
  • other technological units

Subcontractor management

  • The client remains the contracting party per the contract; we work as a client agent.
  • managing third parties as part of their service delivery and maintenance
  • help with concluding subcontractor contracts
  • help with procurement processes when selecting subcontractors
  • administration and management of insurance contracts
  • administration and management of energy supply contracts
  • training and certification of subcontractors

Use of CFM services

  • The service can be implemented across all business sectors.
  • This includes mainly:
  • data centers operated for one's own needs
  • data centers for the state (public) administration
  • data centers for special security forces (army, etc.)
  • data centers with third-party services: co-location, housing, hosting
  • telecommunication nodes - MSC, BSC, peering centers
  • server rooms
  • other comprehensive infrastructure and technological buildings, distinguished by geographic comprehensiveness, high number of devices or complexity

Key features

  • Based on the customer's strategy, we define specific goals for operations and ensure their fulfilment.
  • We have a team of experienced, certified professionals and highly-guaranteed services.
  • Using standardized processes and procedures and clearly-defined roles (responsibilities), we ensure the highest possible availability.
  • With the help of primary data that is collected as part of Altron management services in an automated method using monitoring or managerial support, Altron is able to analyze data intelligently and subsequently propose measures leading to reductions in customer operating costs.
  • Service for ensuring transparency and enforceability supported by the system's own software tools
  • Part of the service includes regular reporting on operation parameters and related financial data with a very clear structure. 
  • When implementing the CFM service, we carry out an assessment of your data center and propose ideas for improving operational efficiency and boosting availability.
  • The service can also include certification of operations and training for the client's operations team.
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