End-to-end turnkey solution of a KOKURA datacenter for the Whole DC life-cycle support.

The Company is one of the oldest portals on the Czech market and has maintained its position on the Internet market since 1996. The Czech-owned company has been operating the portal, which covers a wide range of services such as a search engine, news, a catalogue of companies, a maps application and comprehensive digital multimedia content.

Due to the growing amount of data, needed to develop its ICT environment to respond to the current trends.  The core of their business is datacentres that support and provide the necessary input for all activities at The company had been utilizing housing services from commercial providers of data centres in the Czech Republic until 2013, when they took the decision to establish their own datacentre thanks to an increase in their activities. This datacentre would primarily support the services, enabling further development of the company in the future.

The full-scale turnkey solution of the new Tier III category data centre with a total area of 2,500 m2 (with 600m2 being comprised of data rooms) and an output of 1 MW IT was won by ALTRON, which is one of the leading Czech and international suppliers of data centre infrastructure and IT services. Comprehensive services are provided to the customers, connected with the implementation of the data centre on a greenfield project from the study, investor representation, architectural rendering and complete implementation of individual construction and technological phases, for example the deployment of innovative cooling and power supply solutions. Last but not least, the services are provided within the project in conjunction with the datacentre operations such as monitoring.

About the Customer has been operating on the Internet portals market since 1996, maintaining its prominent position through constant expansion of its services and innovations for the end-users. The whole business of is based on digital and on-line services and products. For example, prides itself on their home page, with the average number of daily visitors amounting to nearly 2.8 million and the full number of pages displayed per month exceeding one billion. Similar high figures are also recorded by other projects as well, for instance Seznam Email or the catalogue (

The annual revenues of amount to more than CZK 3 billion. The company has about 1,000 employees. In order to enable the company to develop its activities, the company needs a fully functional ICT based on reliable and safe data centres, which provide the necessary power to operate all projects and portals at

Starting Position

The company expanded its services for visitors to the family of portals. Increasing demands for data and the development of multimedia have brought requirements for high performance servers and data centres.  Two data centres in the form of housing provided reliable operations from commercial providers. The decision to establish their own data centre was taken in 2012 to provide savings on operating costs and to have the possibility to influence the technological environment for services provided to end users in the future, and to enhance the security of the operation. launched a selection procedure for a general supplier, which was won by ALTRON  thanks to the complexity of their offer, the price and their previous experience in building datacentres. Within the study, a location at Horní Počernice (the eastern part Prague) was chosen in 2012 to commence the implementation phase. The construction itself and mounting the technology was subsequently finished in 9 months.

ALTRON Solutions and Services

ALTRON offered comprehensive solutions for implementing a new turnkey datacentre for The implementation itself was preceded by a lot of preparatory work connected with the proposal of sites, the preparation of studies, architectural rendering and the preparation of project documentation with integrated and full-scale engineering of the whole structure in the form of professional services. This phase was completely provided by ALTRON as the investor’s representative, followed by supplying the complete data centre technology and subsequent IT services which are used primarily to ensure smooth and safe operations.

The Tier III category datacentre with an availability of more than 99,982% has at its disposal a technology area of 600m2 with an output of 1 MW IT. It was structurally adapted to technologies so that dual flooring or complex cooling ducts could be completely omitted. ALTRON’s Modular Multifeet Architecture was deployed during the implementation phase, using low-loss transformers. Connected with this, the PUE parameter (Power Usage Effectivity) achieved an operating value of less than 1.2 within this project.

The solution also involves a unique implementation of indirect cooling with the help of outside air, thanks to which the standard compressor system can remain idle for 95% of the time. This forms an integral part and supports 100% of the datacentre output capacity. Besides the technological units, 24x7 distant monitoring of on site services provided by the ALTRON  monitoring centre are included in the arrangement.

Benefits and Advantages

The biggest advantage for the user is independence from commercial housing providers and high security and failure-free operation, while simultaneously opening space for developing end-user services in the future. Through the full-scale datacentre implementation by ALTRON, it has adapted the datacentre structure to the technology and not the other way around, as is so often the case in reconstructing or fitting out datacentres into existing structures. It brought many advantages such as moving more simply and separated corridors with high security. But thanks to the conception of optimal power supply and cooling above all, the total energy costs decreased by 40% on average.  The target PUE value (energy efficiency) is on average 1.2.

The datacentre is also tailor-made for future expansion without unnecessary additional investments, which encourages the optimum development for the future. Thanks to its experience with the establishment of more than 200 datacentres and servers, ALTRON ensured complete customer representation throughout the construction process, allowing to concentrate on its core business without unnecessary worries connected with project implementation.

“ICT technologies and datacentres are the foundation of our business that specializes in providing high-quality services for Internet visitors and users since 1996. Our decision to establish our own datacentre has brought us long-term cooperation with ALTRON. The whole construction and launching of our data centre has been provided by ALTRON as a general supplier. Thanks to their professional attitude, open business model and use of innovative technologies, our expectations have been fully met by ALTRON,” said Vlastimil Pečínka, Technical Director at

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